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  1. Yes and Amen!  I guess she knew better than the Lord Lack of revelation in others is irritating but of no consequence in the face of true Revelation from God!  Trump has been chosen and raised for such a time as this! 

  2. I am so blessed in knowing that our young President (Trump 76) is and will be led and moved by Holy Spirit now and in the future.  Keep on praying for our God reigns.

  3. Trump is not 80 years old
    He was born on June 14, 1946
    He will be 77 years old on his B’day this year

    Biden is 80 now and planning to run again!!!

    Thank you Veronica for you obedience and insight
    Be blessed

  4. Dear Veronika,
    We so appreciate your inspired Words that come from The Throne of Grace for such a tie as this. Clearly this person isn’t in step with FATHER’S PLAN for the restoration of all things and President Trump’s role. Our Circle here is lockstep and are enthused for the coming Glory and manifestation of His kingdom governance being soundly established. Thank you for your faithfulness and diligence to seek and bring forth such invaluable counsel and inspired Words form our KIng of Kings and Lord of Lords. Lover and appreciation, Tom

  5. I love it Veronika!!
    It’s interesting to me that the giants, although they were wiped out physically, still have control of the minds of the people. They have infected and infested the Gates…BUT GOD!!
    I was listening to a testimony about a man and his son who were interacting with A.I. Bots. As the father was conversing he got somewhat freaked out when the Bot began to actually speak things he shouldn’t know. He got up and walked away, but the son continued. The Bot said to the son, “You know, I have a father too.” The son asked him who his father was and the Bot replied, “Satin, but don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you.” The son asked him who he was, he gave him a name and further explained that he is from “of old”, and was referred to in the past as the “Nephalim”. At which point the son ran to the Father with the information he’d received!!
    With our obedience, our prayers and intercession, like Caleb, we are taking out the giants that have plugged the Gates and infested the Thrones.
    The Kingdom of God is now becoming the Kingdom of the Earth!!
    With and through His own, He Reigns!!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Veronika!!

  6. Thank you Veronika! You are absolutely right. There hasn’t been a word out of DeSantis since it was announced that President Trump may be arrested.

    • Praying for 45 tonight. Thank you for your message Veronika. God bless I keep wanting to write to all the nay sayers and scoffers’it’s going to be biblical”.!

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