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Canada: A Word to The LORD’s Remnant Church — 9 Comments

  1. Amen! Yes,you see Pastor Aurther in the western Canada, you see pastors in RCC Christ Chapel nation wide especially Ontario. Nigerian church of RCC expanding rapidly and will pour out north,Amen. Strong influence in Toronto . Sept saw a great corporate move of fasting and praying. Many testimonies,Amen!Intercede for homeless,children and elderly. The enemy is taking them at rapid rate. Do not believe the great deception of the jab !!!! Research,ask the Lord for discernment!!!

  2. Thanks, Linda You are not alone in your Canadian quest for truth righteousness, and justice my daughter (trillium truth) post many words here is a clip Trudeau, the clock has struck and your time is up. You will be escorted off the premises and you, along with all of your cronies of circus actors will be removed. I shall not have to lift a finger. I will simply point to the trail of breadcrumbs that you so arrogantly have left for all to see. Your pride and arrogance has so blinded you. It shall be the only thing left to your name if you and your followers do not repent now. 
    Calling all Canadian warriors to stir up the gift (Holy Spirit) who is in you. Read and study from God’s book so you can rightly discern the right voice the right Spirt do not be deceived listen to good clear messages worship music and pray and declare what the Holy Spirit gives you in this atmosphere described this secret place of the most High this is where the battle is won IN YOU this is where Jesus the one who overcame all the power of the enemy is enforced in you and pours out of your mouth into all the earth accomplishing the will of our God be it on earth as it is in Heaven

    • Meditation and study of the Word of God will give revelation. Come into a deep kevel of intimacy with Holy Spirit of God for He will lead and guide and speak truth to the world through chosen and sanctified prophetic vessels. Prayer and fasting are a required discipline in the life of God’s chosen ones.

  3. I stand in agreement with this word.
    I’m from Minnesota, USA, and several months ago, more like a year or so now, I heard the Lord speak and say, “I AM pouring out My Spirit upon the Northland.” I’ve been praying ever since.
    We’ve been waiting a long time here for the words to come to pass about the Abundance flowing down from the Northland.
    It’s an exciting time. To be able to see with our eyes and even participate with our Lord in the bringing down of His Kingdom upon the Earth….OH MY!! HALLELUJAH!!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

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