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  1. WORD! INVASION is truly here!! GREAT WORD, HEIDI!! It is truly a REVIVAL Of the HEART OF LOVE! We shall occupy until He comes!! It is the NOW time. Love and blessings, Heidi

  2. Daddy’s Here and He is Cleaning House
    Wednesday, March 30, 2022
    Thus days the Lord your God I AM He who rules and reigns over your nation. Canada, O Canada, the land that I so dearly love! Whose rivers abound and mountains cry out, “Prepare ye! Prepare ye! For the Lord of Lords is coming!” How great is your bounty, how supple are your fruits. Like a nursing mother, you too shall feed the nations and bring healing. Your heart of Grace, Peace and Love shall move even the most hardened of hearts for it is by the goodness of Me that I lead those to repentance.
    Canada, My Canada, the land of the True, North, Strong and Free! I have come down to this nation. I have breathed My Spirit into its lifeless corpse. Many mourned you and thought you dead. Many cried in despair seeking a reckoning. Others mocked and scorned you and thought to take your seat on the world stage, but I said nay! My people said, enough! If there is one thing that I cannot resist, one thing where I cannot turn My Face from, it is when the people submit in humility and cry out. I heard every voice, every whisper and every thought and it moved Me. So, I moved and breathed My Breathe upon this land. The Spirit of Life moved and the once-dead corpse that they had put in the grave gasped for air and came to new life. (piece of trillium truth @ blogspot

  3. This is spot on. I was prompted to deeply intercede while reading these words. Spring cleaning, big changes in the household, refresh & work on renovations has been big in my heart this week for my own household – we will see God do this in Canada too.

  4. God send forth your word to each Canadian believer in Christ, including this. Steal their hearts away from fear in your perfect love. Teach the world a lesson by what they will see in Canada, even as the enemy is driven into Hell and the people winnowed.

  5. Glory to our wonderful God!
    This was my prayer and cry out to the Lord yesterday evening while seeking the Lord’s face.
    What a beautiful confirmation through the message you shared today
    Thank you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit !
    Hope renewed!

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