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  1. Hallelujah!
    Romans 8:19 is very, very, very close!
    The world will witness!
    So exciting! What a blessing to be in the midst of it! Glorify Thyself Lord of All!
    Every knee will bow!
    Every tongue confess!
    JESUS IS LORD!!!!!!!
    Whoo hooo!!! Hallelujah!!!
    Thank You Jesus!!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • And won’t that be a day, dear Marc, and all the world shall see. It is even difficult to imagine just how amazing and what a blessing that will be to be in the midst of it. To God be all the Glory. May we see every knee bow and every tongue confess Jesus is LORD. I pray I am still here to see it and bow my knees in gratitude. Love and blessings to you and Tami!! Sandi

  2. Thank you dear Sandi for this awesome word from the Lord. I needed this encouragment.  Blessings to you and yours!!!

    • Dear MF, I thank you so much. I cannot think of a time ever before when we all need encouragement as bad as we do now. I was in intercession a few days ago and not sure what all was taking place but I have been crying non-stop for three days. I kept seeing a woman who had no where to do because her family didn’t want her and she really could not afford to get a place. I knew there were so many who are just ‘wandering’ and ‘wondering’ because they cannot reach their tomorrows. Sending special blessings right back to you dear one, Sandi

  3. Wow, Sandi, this powerful and promising word from the Lord comes at the right time for many of us who have been “hiding in the wilderness due to total weariness,” feeling like we have “chosen the wrong door over and over again.” What a wonderful reminder hearing that He “never wastes one moment in your lives,” which is very comforting to a weary soul like myself, who may be blessed with gifts but has no idea how I can apply them in a kingdom sense…that I could influence anyone is even more challenging to comprehend. 
    This is a post that I will read many more times, bc it encompasses the truth and goodness of who God really is.  Blessings to you for sharing this with us. ♥️

    • And to you dear Rorok, it makes my heart sing when someone truly is lifted out of their state of weariness or despair. YOU have got this! You can do it! Out of the cave into the light of His glory..Yea, He is ready to work with you to make up for lost time!! What a good good Father..Oh what a savior. He is always on time just in time. You have blessed me today. I receive your kind blessings from the goodness of your heart, Sandi

    • Wong E Zin, yes, bring it on, Lord, more! Thanks so much for your reception and response. Sending His blessings, Sandi

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