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  1. PS— please note:

    *GIFT (not “give”, please pardon the typo)

    Matthew James:

    “The GIFT of GOD
    Supplants & Overwrites/Supersedes”

    Christ IS the GIFT who supplanted Sin & Death
    “Overwrote” the Curse against us
    BY His Blood
    HE “SUPERSEDES” it -as the “2nd Adam”

    The Image of The Father-
    Breathing back into us with
    Ruach (breath/Spirit/wind) Ha Kodesh:
    “The Holy Ghost!”

  2. Bless you sister for your faithfulness!
    It’s no accident that your original post was on my 2nd son’s 30th birthday: February 5, 2022

    Matthew James-his name means:

    “The give of God (YAH VeH*)
    Supplants & overwrites”

    Extremely fitting!

    *YHVH: YAH VeH

    The Tetragrammaton : YHVH
    (Yod/Yud-Hey, Vav-Hey”) is actually

    2 Ancient Hebrew language
    YH VH

    (But ancient Hebrew was written without spaces which is why it must be “rightly divided.”)

    (“YahWeh” in Egyptian dialect at the time of Joseph)…

    David preserved His praise, “HalleluYAH!”
    Which means
    to “Ravingly praise YAH!”
    (Exuberant joyful all-consuming Praise!).

    They mean:

    YAH: “I AM”
    VeH: “the only Invisible, Honorable, Eternally Existent ONE.”

    The Son came in THE Name of the Father

    YAH: “I AM”
    Shua: “Salvation”

    YAHShua: Yeshua, Y’Shua, Yehoshua..
    Joshua, Yeshu, Yesu, Isa, Jesu, Iesous, & Jesus
    Are all
    **dialect variations**
    for the Name of the ONE begotten Son of YAH:

    (Even in French “JeSuis” means “I AM”)


  3. It is so interesting reading this a couple of years after.

    I feel to post this: “carefree” is a watchword for fans of Chelsea Football club (for those who don’t follow soccer, Chelsea is a west London club who were the club world champions a couple of years ago). It is in a song they sing, the main variant of which in my youth was about playing cup matches. Today this is reposted on the day they play in the semi final of the English fa cup, the oldest football cup in the world of its type. They will play the best team in england coached by the best coach in the world. Chelsea are especially bad at the moment. Their owners are especially incompetent. I feel to post this for context, maybe somebody outside of Britain will get a word for their life based on additional context about today and this word.

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