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  1. Oh Bev what a Word from Fathers heart. So much grabbed my attention.
    The Lord nor you,dont play with what you release, but yet always deliver a hope to the people!
    Only pulling out a small part here:

    “Revival is coming, but there will be many areas who experience Judgment first, as I clean out the bad and old ways, to bring in the good and new ways.
    Much change awaits the world. Do not forget Me.”

    Papa has us in the palm of His hand! Let us be faithful and true till the very end.
    Many Blessings..Love you sis.

    • Joyce,

      Yes, PAPA is usually direct & to the point with me & I’m so glad He is!

      PAPA is ever faithful & true as are you Beloved of the LORD!

      Thank you so much for responding. I apologize for lateness in responding to a previous one. It’s there now, if you want to check.

      BLESSINGS! Bev

  2. Good word there seems to be a complacency to wait and see if anything happens, if this is your attitude pay attention and make solid decisions when the red sea parts and you know this is God that you no longer will be lukewarm that you will pursue the kingdom of God with everything that is in you so you are not caught unaware when the next big event is in motion

  3. I think God’s judgement has begun in different parts of the world even when many are still in denial.  Satan & his agents always fail to understand that the living God of Israel is All-wise, All-knowledgeable & nothing is hidden from Him. Its really sad that many innocent lives have been cut short due to mankind’s evil agendas, Abba Father thank you in advance for your Revival fire & the fulfilment of your promises to us. Give us the Grace never to forget you. Touch the hearts of the wicked to turn away from all their evils; be set free & come to you now as the only Saviour as there is still time. God Bless you Dear vessel, BEV.

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