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  1. This is information from my point of view about yoga is help ful meaningfully true. These days are evil as well confusing. The enemy will lead those astray especially towards the occult. Some are searching for hope peace and love in different agent forms. JESUS ISN’T part of it. New age bibles…yoga, meditation, realization, laws of attraction and Scientology. THESE & others are equipped “man made” laws through upcoming Anti Christ. NEW WORLD ORDER WWW. WORLD WIDE WEB WWD WORLD WIDE ORDER.

  2. Amen! I agree and the message was thorough.  In addition, the word of God says, “let the words of our mouth and the meditation in our heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord my strength and my redeemer” (Psalm 19:14). The question one must ask their self in using the heart of God how is it acceptable in God’s sight.  Truth!

  3. When is Jesus coming back? We need to get rid of all this sickness and evil. My neighbor does yoga and she makes me think impure thoughts when I see her come home in her sweaty yoga pants.

  4. What is a Christian alternative to meditation? How can you open your mind up to god and get in a dream like state ready to receive from god while awake? Praying in tongues and ruminating on scripture are talked about in the Bible and dreams are supposed to come from god but I don’t trust any of my dreams or thoughts while reading the Bible as they have been flat out wrong or misleading and I get hurt by thinking I’m hearing from god. I haven’t given up faith though that one day I can hear from god. what is a godly routine for communing with god?

    • God speaks to us in many ways, gives us answers through intuition, feelings, ‘coincidences’ ,calling our attention into focus when we see something significant that God wants to communicate to us.

      Meditation in my opinion is a way to calm the mind, in order to more clearly perceive God’s guidance, while prayer is when we talk or ask God something.

      Another form is fasting, from sunrise to sundown, and follow God’s signs and guidance, had an amazing experience while fasting! That whispering voice in your head sometimes, that’s God!

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