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  1. I felt to post a link to the most famous rearguard story in European history. The destruction of Charlemagne’s rearguard in the Pyrénées at Roncevaux Pass in the year AD 778. The rearguard of an army, in some periods in history, was a place for elite troops, capable of holding up much larger forces and capable of engaging and disengaging themselves but also their army from complex situations. If God is our rearguard, we have an infaillible rearguard, stronger than the reaguard of the worlds most powerful army (Charlemagne’s army, he was king then Emperor of an area covering much of France, Germany and northern Italy, he is considered maybe the most important European ruler between AD500 and AD1500). The impact on prayer movements, in for example the middle ages, of the idea of the rearguard, guarding the rearguard spiritually, or God being our rearguard, should not be underestimated and giftings and even mantles have surely existed in history based on such concepts. AMEN!!!

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