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Clearing Out Hospitals — 7 Comments

  1. I am moving in faith and I receive my healings right now and no looking back on any lying symptoms anymore. It is settled in Jesus Name Amen. Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank you Mr Chris for infecting me with faith.

  2. Bring it on HOLY YAHWEH…
    Praying every coworker and overcomers must have the tenacity and perseverance necessary to make conditions comes to pass…

  3. Chris, Children are our future! HALLELUJAH!

    I’ve known 2 & 3 year olds who asked Jeseus into their hearts & healing miracles & deliverance happened because of those little ones! God is on the move!

    This Word confirms some that the LORD’S shown me about children in ministry.

    And regarding your healing hospitals. I was with a friend in the Raleigh-Durham (NC, USA) area about 15 years ago & asked them to pull over & stop the car. I had to go lay hands on the side of a building & prophesy that it would become a healing hospital, where the sick would come in, be prayed for & literally walk out healed. The vision God showed me with this one was incredible!  So YES, LORD! LET IT BE SO!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I have a six year old. I cut myself badly cutting vegetables, like part of the tip of my finger was coming off. After bandaging and all, my child prayed over it spontaneously (awww) and then the next day she asked, “Why isn’t it all better now? I prayed.” Oh, it was too precious. I said that healing takes time and it is much better and healing quickly because she prayed. And really in about four days it is almost completely normal. God is definitely moving through the children. I know in the future she will heal the blind!

  5. I go to a Baptist Church that I believe the Lord is waking up to the gifts of the spirit.  A year ago, a dear woman who works in the children’s ministry confessed to the kids she was suffering from worsening symptoms of multiple sclerosis.  They laid hands on her and prayed.  From that day she has had a reversal of all symptoms.  Lately, even her eyesight is healing.  She glows with the joy of having been healed. Praise Him!  Last week a 10 year old showed me she is obsessed with the passage about the boy who throws himself in the fire from demons.  She wants me to teach her about it.  I can cast out demons.  It may be the Lord splits my church in two when I teach her how to do it.  Pray for the churches that need the Spirit!!!

  6. SO BE IT, Chris! I love that we are seeing so many healings and so many are touching the hem of His garment. I myself have seen many miracles in the last few months as I have prayed and I received my miracle as well..to God be the glory…more great things we shall see! Blessings, Sandi

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