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Climate Change Is Satan’s Climax Chain to Cage Mankind — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jacob I’m with you on much of what you say. This false agenda is being used by the globalists to push their communistic one world government plan, it is a doom scenario of scientism the religion of science of which evolution is a part.They plan to destroy the middle classes; high carbon emissions on cars and homes will be penalised and allow for the stealing of wealth. Climate change in the 1970’s was Global Freezing with all the same doom and gloom hetoric , then in the late 1980’s it changed to Global Warming, again we would all die through inactivity! Nothing happened! Finally they use Climate Change which has always been with us as a planet it is as old as history itself. CO2 emissions is a lie I don’t agree they are a true problem at all. CO2 helps plants to grow! I like the scripture in Genesis 8:22 ‘While the earth remain, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat and summer and winter and day and night shall not cease.’ I have never heard of the demons you mention but some have more than one name. Your warning is timely thank you.

  2. You are absolutely correct Jacob!

    This has also been pressed upon me for some time. It’s quite maddening watching many fall into place with this deception.

    The enemy will try to bring in a new ‘Sunday Law’ in the future, ‘they’ will market it as a ‘rest day’ for the earth, which of course is an attempt to mock God, as He of course ‘rested’ on the seventh day. This will also drive the opportunity to usher in the ‘mark’ – which will be directly tied to the ‘global warming’ deception. Whether it suceeds this time, ony God knows, satan is pushing forward his agenda early!

    Many don’t understand, that when Revelation speaks of famine and pestilence, that these are purposely man-made disasters by ‘them.’ These ‘people’ see famine as a form of population control to ‘save the world’ – the same with ‘vaccines’ – which are designed to sterilise an entire generation.

    God Bless

    David x

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