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Close Encounters of a God Kind for Your Children — 5 Comments

  1. I been fasting and praying for my children and grandkids today i receive this word for them
    For salvation, deliverance, from wrong company, ungodly soul tie in agreement with this word
    My youngest came over nobody know that I am fasting but God he said I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 2 day he says I going cold turkey he said I done with them I said Praise God God
    Was letting me know he already working in their lives expecting some more good reports

  2. This has to be one of my dearest and deepest prayers, for this new generation.They need to be awaken to a new sound. I am always praying and have been praying for years for my young adult sons, nieces and nephews and now my grandchildren. It’s a MUST! Oh Lord hear our hearts and answer our prayers.

  3. I’ve been Praying for my 2 adult daughters who have both been raised with unequally yoked parents and an Alcoholic father until the divorce and now are both working in Bars, I’m getting ready for the Deliverance and inner Healing in them both. I’ve been praying for my daughters for years in Jesus precious powerful Name

    HE is answering the many fervent, heart felt prayers of parents and grand parents!
    Last evening in our church home, there were 8 of us waiting on HIS SPIRIT and praying for our children and their children.
    GOD has truly given you a word to share with us! I am so humbled to read this Word. Thank you for being so obedient to our FATHER, our CREATOR, SAVIOUR, PROTECTOR and LOVER of our souls!

    FATHER GOD, YOU have answered our prayers. YOU are the GOD of MIRACLES. The healing has begun within our families ! ! !  Blessed be the

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