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Come as a Child! — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent powerful post, sir filled with much truth and light.
    I saw the same thing with a small child hitting the altar in a tent service awhile back. He was repenting, coming to the Lord. He didn’t want to leave that place either!!
    Although sad to say, the grown ups didn’t follow suite. It was so sad… The Lord showed me one person in the tent was getting their ‘last call’ to repent.
    I pled for them to come forward but of course didn’t point them out… The Holy Spirit was dealing with them. They chose not to come forward. It made me wonder if we all had hit our knees praying maybe their would have been more conviction power in that service.. Thank you, Bro Chris.

    • Thank you. I find people just overthink everything and they miss so much by doing so. I try to keep my faith as simple as possible.

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