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Coming Changes in The House of The LORD — 2 Comments

  1. This clip of prophecy from Trillium truth to Canada s church all being put on a plane like Noah s ark goes along with what you are saying (clip)There has been much wrangling and rivalry as to WHO drives the plane. My Children know My Voice and another they will not follow. They have buckled themselves in and I have gone forward into the cockpit along with Holy Spirit. We have announced warning after warning, “Please fasten your seatbelts. Please fasten your seatbelts. PLEASE FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!” My Children have buckled themselves in. They have also helped others, as well, but we are entering a new sphere and it will shake the plane. Many will fall from their seats. There will be much screaming and shouting. The lights will flicker on and off and as they say, “all hell will break loose”. Those not fastened in will panic. There will be crying, wailing and grinding of teeth. Chaos shall erupt as the plane shakes, rattles and reverses. Yes! The plane shall reverse! For I AM reversing their evil and wicked ways!
    As we reverse to flip there are those in their own fear and self-preservation that shall scramble. They will jump from the plane believing their parachutes of their own-making shall save them but they will fall to their own demise.

  2. Lord Jesus, your people do not even know what they are missing as they have never been exposed to your truths.
    Please have mercy on your children who are hungry and those who thirst after you and your righteousness. Give us this day your heavenly manna, Lord.
    Fill us with your living water until it runs all over this land and your people. Redeem us Lord!

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