Something happened a few days back, that gave me a reason to pause and later reflect.  At dinner, I got into a very in depth conversation about the church of today and the things that Jesus Christ taught about this end time.

I began to speak about the things He prophesied; comparing them with what is happening in our world today.  I began to realize that I was perhaps having too much to say; after all, we were there to eat.  It wasn’t actually the expected moment to talk about it; but these things had come up.

From somewhere deep down in my spirit, this urge, this need and intense desire, began to come forth.  And I began to press.  As the title of this post says, I was being compelled to speak.

All of the attempts to cut it off, simply failed.  You know, many of our faith perhaps thought we knew so much about God and His Word.  It may be clear, that many of us have studied that Book intently over a long period of years.  Yet, we truly know so little about the way God works.  In truth, we have learned a lot for the hours and days and years put forth in studying; being taught by the Holy Ghost.

“Fire, shut up in my bones” . .  Can I be a bit real.  Minutes ago, I could not remember who said that, or why they said it.  Jeremiah had been thrown into a dark hole, for speaking what the Lord had told him to say.  He had prophesied some things, against what the king and God’s people were doing, and declared the judgement that was coming upon them all.  Perhaps those that were in such authority, hoped he had a change of heart, and might reverse the words spoken.

Basically, God’s people were not following Him; they were chasing after false gods, idols and not truly loving Him.

In the middle of this chapter, Jeremiah stops and has an unusual conversation with God.  Perhaps, like many of us have had in the past days.  He felt God had even deceived him at times, and that he had even deceived himself.  He spoke of the price he had payed, for his obedience; how he had been treated by those who didn’t relish the things God had told him to speak.  When they came and brought him out of that pit, he said to himself.  I won’t speak to them today; I’ll keep quiet.  I just won’t prophesy today.

Knowing the consequences he would face, he lifted his eyes and began to speak.  He couldn’t stop himself.  The thing that had been placed inside of him by the Ancient of Days, stood up.  He had to do it . It was like a fire burning inside of him; it was way down in his very bones.  It had to be done; and he fully realized that he could not stop himself if he wanted to.  And he was glad.  That is what God had called him to do; it was his place in the Kingdom.  And he had been chosen to do so, long before he or anyone else knew it.

We are going to have to speak what the Holy Ghost compels us to speak.  Truthfully, there is nothing we can do about it.  That same Spirit, is going to lead us and show us what spirit to do it in; how, what, where and when.  This church so many of us say we are a part of, belongs solely to Jesus Christ.  It’s not ours, and it never was ours.

The very idea that God’s chosen vessels are in any way hindered or restrained from following the leading of the Spirit, is a complete offense to the true head of the Church.  These days of hindrance, are quickly coming to a close.  That Fire, will speak.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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