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  1. Rev Chris –

    I just commented, forgot to mention I love that photo of the 2 little ones – one small toddler praying for another. How profoundly innocent. May I send this post out to others (of course, referencing this site, your post). Your post is succinct,and the picture is worth a thousand words. Pure faith in action from a child. Requesting permission to share your post, as I didnt see a contact link for you. Thank you

  2. Great post. You know, There are hundreds or more religions in the World. Each one have their own doctrines and “Man’s interpretation of the bible and God”. That’s one of the reasons why there is so much confusion. In addition, there are so many bibles or reinterpretations of the bible. None of it has anything to do with God!!

  3. I got one for you Chris. One of the biggest points of contention between so called Christian scholars and even a child can see that the word trinity is never found once in all the pages of the Bible. Not up for debate just a fact even a child can see. One among many that are much of the problem in the church today. Many ways men try to explain things they can’t understand is they just insert it into the pages of their idea of what scripture says and the child says I can’t find that in here. And the mighty many of God says you need to grow up and learn that the thought is there so we make stuff up and kick you out if you don’t believe what we have made up and the child says I think I would rather remain a child. And so it goes. Not for long.

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