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Consider Challenge, Choice, and Change — 6 Comments

  1. Great to see you today Daniel and Colleen, Thank you so much for your encouragement that comes from hearts that are walking this challenging time in the fear of the Lord and the blessed Assurance that nothing else matters. HE is the only wise God and HE will soon make His entrance in all of HIS GLory. I appreciate all your wisdom and especially this last post Jesus is Coming and the Whole World will see His Beauty. I copied it to share with a few friends. Love and blessings, Sandi

  2. I heard the voice of The LORD as I pondered this Truth say, “If there is not a willing obedience to die to self, then you will continue to have religion without power”

    AMEN Thank you Sandi for tis accurate potent word. The Lord spoke to me today about dying to self. I receive this entire word. The Lord has confirmed his word. great Grace to you mighty woman of GOD.

    • Thank you so much for you beautiful assessment of God’s word to me. God bless you as you walk in willing obedience, dear Julie. xoxo Sandi

  3. This Word speaks more to me than I can possibly express!!
    7 years ago the Lord opened my ears to hear in the Spirit the enemy speaking, “She needs to choose!!” And the Lord would respond with, “She will.” This happened many times o er the next month or so before finally I screamed out, “I CHOOSE JESUS!!”
    Everything’s been thrown, (as Isaiah said,) like a menstrual cloth into the garbage.
    And in the process, my Rewarder has become my Reward!!
    I’ve been waiting for what feels like a thousand lifetime’s. I know that when I look upon His smiling face, I will know fully, as I am fully known…
    God bless you beautiful lady :)

    • Dear Cheri, What a great testimony. I am so thrilled with all the wonderful stories you share as you comment and engage with the word of the Lord. Thank you for you kind words. Many blessings and love, Sandi

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