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Could It Just Be That God Calls Us Women Too? — 16 Comments

  1. Mama, we appreciate your outpouring of love, prayers & concerns for me & my family. God will continue to keep, provide more spiritual insights & materials for you to do His work without hindrances. God takes all honours as HE is our shield & only hope in the midst of the fierce persecutions which makes us in persecuted countries not to bow down. Americans are at liberty for now but will definitely return to God some days which I pray will not be long. God bless you, your family & ministry. Thanks Mama.

  2. The title of the article itself is a question which my answer is YES to with back up from the Bible. Please this is for explanation. 
    (1) Anna the prophetess as mentioned in Luke 2:36-37.  (2). Miriam the prophetess in Exodus. (3) Euodia & Snytyche were all Apostle Paul’s co-labourers as stated in Philippians 4:2-3. (4) Phebe a servant or deacon of the Church as stated in Romans 16:1-2. (5) Deborah the judge. 
    Though this is a very sensitive topic but I don’t think there should be any debate on it as either male or female who is called & led by the Holy spirit is humbly qualify to be an apostle or prophetess etc as Jesus died for all & made us all equal before God. Lastly, whatever God calls us to do in His vineyard we should strive to do it well as we will all give accounts before the Lord which I believe is Mama Joyce’ focus here. Mama, I sincerely apologize for violating your rules by hammering on female. Thanks

    • You spoke truth Adams and much of it!
      Wow, thank you for all the examples.
      May all be benefited and learn by what you brought out.
      May God richly bless you.

      • Thanks Mama for your spiritual insights that keeps blessing us the body of Christ. By the help of the Holy spirit, you always delve into areas many stay clear of for many reasons like: to avoid hurting people, losing membership etc which is not okay for the growth of the Church. YES, The harvest is ripe, the work is many but the laborers are few as I believe many laborers in this end time are women but relegated to domestic chores, silent & sit on back benches in churches. But I tell you, if they are truly called, the Lord will treat them as Jonah & forcefully have His ways. Thanks for your reply Mama.

        • Always Adams as long as I see and can reply.
          I regard your insight highly. Sometimes I get hindered and have battles like all of us.
          Still when I think of what so many of you go through to post in highly persecuted countries it humbles my heart truly.

          Us Americans here are so spoilt, but I hope to not be.
          The dividing line is here. People got to decide which side they on.
          I love you and your family, son although we never met in person. God’s richest blessings.

  3. Reply to Bernadette B All the words (seeds) that build Jesus Christ in anyone are given in the word of God male or female there is no difference. In a marriage their must be unity you cannot run a divided house as we see Jesus explain. To turn these points of guidance into a law is stupidity everyone is given a FREE WILL everyone who marries the woman goes into the relationship CHOOSING how she is going to be ruled over don t be picking someone who is a__________ this choice is not the leading of the Spirit an usually ends up messy. Paul says if you get saved and your other half does not and their is no abuse dwell with them. As far saying they cast out devils and heal the sick and Jesus does not know them. The new creature is Jesus Christ the old you has died and you have put on the new man so to make the statement that you cast out devils and heal the sick would not be true

  4. 12 I do not allow a woman to [a]teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet [in the congregation]. Think about all the error that you hear in a gathering of people, think how many time you hear a scripture taken out of context and used to lead people astray think of the constraint and enticing words used at offering time in a church all these things are done without the Holy Spirits leading, yet to decide should a woman speak if she is moved by the Spirit and Has been given the okay by her husband or should she pass the word to her husband, stumbling blocks are bad and some are easily offended this would be Pauls thinking because of the priesthood in their time whom he was trying to win. I would actually think if you want to walk down the women silent path in your church that would not be a hard sell with all the children ministry nursery and the list goes walking in a service finding a comfortable seat kicking back while the men look after everything seem pretty good to me

    • Dear Jay; Bernadette; RBR; Christopher; Newly Called

      Thank you for the time each of you took to read and reply. It is greatly appreciated.

      Bernadette,RBR and Newly called your comments really touched me. I believe I felt your heart in seeking the Lord for truth and rightly dividing the word. 

      Still my question is to a couple of you…

      (I do think Christopher you were most rude and disrespectful and it stops here.)

      Did you even read all the scriptures, my own testimony and the link on Junia?

      Also where I said:
      (Note:I am not wanting to enter into contrary, long debates on the Five-fold Ministry. Either women in ministry for that matter, in the comments. Please, that is not my focus. Thank you.)

      God bless you.

      • Proverbs 6:16
        Proverbs 6:19
        Matthew 7:1-5
        John 8:47
        Acts 3:19

        It is never a sin to share the word of God. I am a witness to the anointing of a female preaching the Word of God.

        You keep hammering on a single quote that you have taken out of context, and do not understand. This post speaks of heavenly things, but you are stuck in worldly issues. It is the devil who accuses the brethren.

  5. Paul walked into many parts of the known world preaching the gospel, as churches formed we see Pauls’s letters to them explaining male-female interaction. Now if your spoken language is French and the bible you are reading is in English you might find Pauls’s advise hard to understand but if you follow the thinking it is very plain. Very immoral people get saved and are living with someone what do they do, the wife feels she would like to speak in church she must first get the husbands okay, if someone is single and does not see the need to marry your choice be as Paul or marry and as for the angles and the head covering (authority) do not be bad mouthing your wife or husband because angles are sent ministering Spirits who watch, listen and then report to the one who sent them. As far as the comment above the women that came to the tomb and were told to go tell the apostles Jesus is alive who gave these women this apostle assignment.

  6. In Matthew 4:5-7 we see that Satan knew scripture and used it against Jesus in the wilderness, just like the religious at that time used traditions and doctrines to say Jesus was not walking according to the word. He said many will come saying they cast out demons and healed the sick but he never knew them. That is because we can walk in faith in Christ or not all. You walk according to the Revelation of Christ that you have recieved so you have come to that Revelation. Many have not, nor will. We must carry our cross and surrender all. That includes the fear of man and all the opinions thereof. I had to undergo the same refining because as we are led from glory to glory, He will make sure we stay with him. Jesus is the rock of my salvation and I shall not be moved. Love you Joyce, and the Father loves what you have done for the kingdom.

    • Hon I wish I had the time to completely address you and some more on this thread who see the truth of women being used of God.
      Some men also see and respect the anointing and call on women and men alike.
      Keep shiny all you woman for the glory of God, also.
      Never in highmindness or pride should we ever stick ourselves out there.
      The Bible is full of so many examples that so many of you have quoted!
      If God puts you in place, then you are in proper place.
      It would pay any doubters to study and put the Word of God in perspective.
      Line upon line, precept upon precept.
      Also to study some church history would help.
      I love every last one who commented but do not want to debate.
      Thank you all again. Much Love in Christ.

  7. I wonder what Jesus Himself thinks?

    Why is it that it that we are shown it was women who first found the empty sepulchre?

    Why did Jesus meet the woman at the well?

    Why is it that Jesus first appeared to a woman?

    What was Jesus showing us here about women and their hearts? Maybe that He values women and their words as more than “silly nonsense/idle tales”?

    Luke 24:1-12,22

    John ch 4 (vs 24,39-42)

    John 20:11-18

    May we consider that it’s ALL about Jesus? He’s not after pomp of men vs women.

    Jesus is after all our hearts (male & female), and our simple belief that He is our Messiah and we trust Him alone for our worth and identity. Out of that simple faith, we can share Jesus with the world.

  8. 2 Timothy 2:12

    12 If we endure,
    We shall also reign with Him.
    If we deny Him,
    He also will deny us.

    Where does this say women can’t be teachers? I will point you towards Deborah and Barak in the time of the judges. We must obey God rather than men. If God calls a woman to be teacher or apostle, then she should obey.

    • 12 And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.

      A woman’s teaching or authority is not to be above that of a man. The man’s authority comes first This is clearly to prevent disruption and arguments, the man has the final say.

      Some of us are not men, and only think we are. Some are still children, and have need of a mother’s teaching. Hebrews 5:12

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