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Cry Out for Mercy! — 3 Comments

  1. This is so true!! God will answer your cry. I’m not exactly sure what happened but last night I felt a sudden snap in the back of my head and I instantly blacked out, my heart started pounding out of my chest, & broke into a sweat. I pulled my car over and all I could do was gasp for air. I had no cell phone service, I prayed but I didn’t honestly believe God would heal me. After an hour of continuous symptoms I panicked and didn’t know if I would make it. This was the first time I’ve ever cried out and actually yelled JESUS in complete desperation. I felt a calm feeling come over me and I spoke “by his stripes I’m healed” while I was waiting to be healed. within 5 minutes I was able to breath, my heart stopped pounding, everything was healed, and I drove home. I’m 100% healed. I’m so amazed by God.

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