Declarations & Decrees: the Righteous of France

Declarations and Decrees: the righteous of France will reclaim the land; of the overthrow of the demonic spirit over North Korea, leading to smooth transition of power; for believers to arise and move forth from a time of isolation.


I write these decrees in the Name of Jesus Christ and in His authority and through His power.

The Angelic troops stand ready to dispatch these decrees to the heavenly realms to the rulers, and authorities, and to post in the King’s Palace (Revelations 2-3, Ephesians 3:10, Esther 8:10,13).

  • We decree the Believers in France ARE RECLAIMING THE LAND!
    We declare RIGHTEOUSNESS IS RISING and though in the natural Marine Le Pen is not showing up on top, in the HEAVENLY REALMS, from GOD’S throne, she is the winner.
  • We declare TRUTH will TRIUMP in France in this election a across the land.
    We speak UNITY and PEACE for the citizens and occupants of France.
    We bind the spirit of violence and destruction that has been so prevalent in the land. We tie it up and cast it into the pit.  It has no authority in the name of Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiach.
  • We declare an OVERTHROW of the demonic spirits working in North Korea, President Kim Jong Un, and the military and government officials.
    The spirits and the officials will FALL; the government will IMPLODE from within.
    There will not be a war or an uprising.
    We decree PEACE will replace the horror and chaos that has been present within that nation.
  • We decree UNITY is coming to the lands of North and South Korea.
    The evildoer will be removed and the Believers, who hope in the LORD, will inherit the Land; they will inherit the land and delight themselves in ABUNDANT PEACE!
  • We declare PROSPERITY for the people and lands that PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM!
    The LORD God Almighty will bring Peace into your cities and seats of government.
    We praise Your Name, LORD!
  • We declare that BELIEVERS are coming into their CALL for the approaching OUTPOURING!
    You have been in the desert places learning to listen to and rely on the LORD.
    The LORD is coming with SIGNS to direct you.
    Move forth in faith and BELIEVE in His Goodness.
  • We declare the LORD has GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY over unclean spirits and to heal the sick.
    You will move in the POWER of Holy Spirit!
    The Body of Christ is coming alive in this hour!
  • We decree each Believer is ENCOURAGING one another, growing in FAITH, as each one moves out as they are called.
  • We declare a CLEANSING and UNIFYING of the people of this land as these decrees go forth.

In the name of King Jesus Christ, empowered and led of the Holy Spirit of God, we dispatch the Angelic troops, throughout this land and in the spirit realm, to deliver these decrees to all, both flesh and spirit.

The enemy, the principalities and powers, have no authority to act against these decrees of our King, the LORD God Almighty; their actions will be of no effect to God’s chosen ones, but will be turned back on themselves for destruction.

The LORD God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, we praise Your Name for You are True and Faithful and Just to perform it.  Amen!

“For evildoers will be cut off, but those who wait for the LORD, they will inherit the land.
Yet a little while and the wicked man will be no more; and you will look carefully for his place and he will not be there.  But the humble will inherit the land and will delight themselves in abundant prosperity…..
….. I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”
Our feet are standing within your gates, O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, that is built as a city that is compact together; to which the tribes go up, even the tribes of the LORD — an ordinance for Israel — to give thanks to the name of the LORD.
For there, thrones were set for judgment, the thrones of the house of David.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.  May peace be within your walls, and prosperity within your palaces.”
For the sake of my brothers and my friends, I will now say, “May peace be within you.”  For the sake of the house of the LORD our God, I will seek your good,”   Psalms 37:9-11; 122:1-9.

“Now Moses was pasturing the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian; and he led the flock to the west side of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God.  The angel of the LORD appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed.
So Moses said, “I must turn aside now and see this marvelous sight, why the bush is not burned up.”
When the LORD saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush and said, “Moses, Moses!”  And he said, “Here I am.”
Then He said, “Do not come near here; remove your sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground”…..
….. Therefore, come now, and I will send you to Pharaoh, so that you may bring My people, the sons of Israel, out of Egypt.  But Moses said to God, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt?”
And He said, “Certainly I will be with you, and this shall be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall worship God at this mountain.”
Then Moses said to God, “Behold, I am going to the sons of Israel, and I will say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you.’  Now they may say to me, ‘What is His name?’ What shall I say to them?”
God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”; and He said, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”
God, furthermore, said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘The LORD, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.’ This is My name forever, and this is My memorial-name to all generations…..
….. Then Moses said to the LORD, “Please, LORD, I have never been eloquent, neither recently nor in time past, nor since You have spoken to Your servant; for I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.”
The LORD said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes him mute or deaf, or seeing or blind? Is it not I, the LORD?  Now then go, and I, even I, will be with your mouth, and teach you what you are to say,”
  Exodus 3:1-5, 10-15; 4:10-12.

“And He *summoned the twelve and began to send them out in pairs, and gave them authority over the unclean spirits;  and He instructed them that they should take nothing for their journey, except a mere staff — no bread, no bag, no money in their belt — but to wear sandals; and He added, “Do not put on two tunics.”
And He said to them, “Wherever you enter a house, stay there until you leave town.
Any place that does not receive you or listen to you, as you go out from there, shake the dust off the soles of your feet for a testimony against them.”
They went out and preached that men should repent.  And they were casting out many demons and were anointing with oil many sick people and healing them…..
….. The apostles *gathered together with Jesus; and they reported to Him all that they had done and taught.  And He *said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.” (For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.)  They went away in the boat to a secluded place by themselves,”
  Mark 6:7-13, 30-32.


~ Dawn Flores

Dawn FloresDawn Flores has been involved in the LORD’s lay ministry since 1971, volunteering, attending prayer meetings and growing in understanding of Hebrew Scriptures.  in 2015 she began to receive greater revelations from the LORD and increased her networking in WA, USA and BC, Canada.  She began a Facebook group for intercession and encouragement and started the Washington State Revival Network to facilitate communications between congregations and encourage individuals to visit groups experiencing REVIVAL.
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