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  1. Yes sir. Believers recognize the difference between the term Easter and Resurrection. The modern explanation is that in Acts 12:4 the word Easter refers to ‘Passover’ and the feast of unleavened bread as one festival – Greek word for Easter in Greek means: ‘Pascha’ The Resurrection. John 11:25 KJV Pray Church.

  2. Si, ben detto: non sporcare la pagina.
    Il mondo è finito. La nostra Patria è il Cielo.
    Benedizioni dall’alto!

    [ HKP : “Yes, well said: don’t dirty the page.
    The world has ended.  Our Homeland is Heaven.
    Blessings from above!” ]

  3. Maybe you know?  I am very confused that we celebrated Resurrection Sunday a month before Passover and the Feast of Firstfruits.  I thought they were the same time?

    • It changes every year. Orthodox Easter is May 5 this year, Passover begins 4/22. Last year if memory serves it all coincided together.

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