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Desperate for a Touch From God — 2 Comments

  1. Yes,I second Doug MacCallium.  What happened with you and the paraplegic during/after the meeting with Brother Diorio?

  2. Ugh!! Dear Sister, what happened with you during/after the meeting with brother Diorio!? How about the paraplegic?
    Your story brought back a blast from my past. In the 80’s our family attended, for a while, a Charismatic Lutheran church. Sweet, sweet, people who loved/love The Lord. They allowed the use of the Spiritual Gifts, unlike so many, so called, “charismatic” churches. The chief minister there, brother Gerkin, and his wife, attended a meeting at St. Luke’s Episcopal church where brother Dennis Bennett was ministering. They received the Baptism of The Holy Spirit there, and brought “IT” back to their Lutheran church. Amazing how The Lord was working then. MORE TO COME!! Bennett was very instrumental in the Charismatic movement in Seattle(It sure needs THIS now. So sad). WIKI has a page on Dennis Bennett if interested.

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