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Disclosure and Exposure Now for Divine Re-Set — 8 Comments

  1. Dear Sandi –

    Your word so witnesses to me, esp. the organizing everything, giving out, de-cluttering [inside ourselves] and on the outside. Drawing on His grace daily alone. can accomplish this. Blessings- Elizabeth

    • Good evening, Elizabeth and AMEN again on the organizing..been working at it most of the day. LOL! (in and out as you said). I am entering a time of refreshment and healing. Thank you so much for your prayer. I have what seems will be my last therapy appointment tomorrow. I am leaving it all up to the Lord. Grace and blessings to you as well, Sandi

  2. What an absolute beautiful word Sandi of much instruction,encouragement and new fortitude for the days ahead.
    I gleaned a lot from it.
    Just one part here to pull out. There is so much richness with all of it, although.
    “The satanic attacks always come bring a test. You can choose better and never let bitter enter your heart.”
    Absolutely we must guard against any junk getting in this late stage of he game.
    Exciting times of many souls being saved, etc coming. Thank you and I love you sister. ❤️

    • My sister Joyce, I am as J said to MF in another comment very taken by the diffence in how those commented each expressed the thing that stood out. And yet, it had many ‘scattered’ disclosures and re-set areas that are so needed for the elect: order, guarding hearts, the fact that it is a ‘set aside time’ in our bridal relationship as well as kingdom relationships adds up to ‘altogether lovely’ as MF said. You and I were just talking about the ‘family feel’ that the Lord has been creating here and that in itself an answer to prayer as so many of us are praying for the ‘family of God’ to be healed from division. Thanks for your input. Love you much, Sandi

  3. Dear Sandi, what a beautiful word from the Lord.  It is like a bouquet of beautiful flowers to the bride of Christ.  It has confirmed much of what He is doing in my life. The following words were highlighted by the Holy Spirit as I saw a tiny star land on them:
    Know that it has also been a “set aside time” that I have been establishing your heart to arise out of your brokenness to the awareness of all that has been deposited in you during the shaking. The Lord is altogether lovely, Yes indeed!!! Many blessings to you and yours!!!

    • I receive that blessing dear MF. I find it fascinating to read comments because in a word like this that speaks of what God is doing exposing and at the same time disclosing (warning to the enemy and information to the elect), everyone receives it from a different angle. In other words, they speak of what they are longing for in the reset as well as many times getting revelation of how the Lord is ‘coming at’ the Exposure. In any case, I am glad you are arising in the reforming time of healing and establishing our hearts for what lies ahead. Many blessings and much grace to you!! Sandi

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