This word has been in my spirit for some time and I would like to release this word in this season specifically to those of you who have been waiting upon the Lord for very specific promises and even prophetically those things which the Lord has shown you will come to pass in your lives and ministries.

Receiving a prophetic word that we know is from the Lord is so very exciting.  It brings hope, expectation, edification, and anticipation for the fulfillment of what He has said.  But let me encourage some of you out there today: with the word of the Lord also comes the TESTING of that WORD.  “Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the LORD tested him,”  Psalm 105:19, NKJV.

The Word you have received will be TESTED, TRIED, but in the end it will be found TRUE!  And not only will the word be tested but we are TESTED as well.  Perhaps some of you are going through a stretching period where your faith is being matured and stretched like never before. Hallelujah!  This is for some of your reading this.

As I was writing this the Lord reminded me of Abraham.  Abraham and Sarah received a marvelous promise from God that they even in their old age would bear a son.  That was a word from God for them specifically.  But time went by, life went on as they knew it, even until the point of giving up on the promise.  Well their promised seed came, but that was not the end of the TESTING.

In Genesis 22 we know that the Lord asked Abraham to give up his one and only son upon Mount Moriah.  How could this be?  This seemed to CONTRADICT what God said He would accomplish through Isaac their promised child.  As Abraham walked in FULL obedience to the Lord we know God provided a DIVINE REVERSAL providing the ram in Isaac’s place.

Many of you right now are in SITUATIONS and CIRCUMSTANCES that seem to CONTRADICT what the Lord has shown you will come to pass.  The Word of the Lord to you in this season is this: The Lord will do all that He said He would do and He is watching over His word to PERFORM it.  Where what seems to be the OPPOSITE of what the Lord has said, the Lord is going to REVERSE your situations to bring about the fulfillment of His word to you.

Just recently the Lord instructed me to apply for something very specific.  Twice I was denied asking the Lord: how can this be?  Within hours of my second denial, I received an e-mail back granting my request.  I sensed the Lord say that not only did He bring it pass, although the word was tested, I now have A TESTIMONY to go along with my TEST.  GOD is FAITHFUL!

I pray this word encourages you and ignites a flame and passion within you to trust the Lord even when everything around you seems to contradict what God has said.  Beloved, what the Lord has said He will do.


~ Kevin Stevens

Kevin StevensKevin Stevens is a Pastor, Evangelist, Revivalist, and Author out of Western N.Y.  It is Kevin’s heart and passion to write prophetically under the unction of the Spirit of God. Kevin’s books “A Word for the Weary” and “Moving Mountains” are available now on Amazon.



Divine REVERSALS! — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks – just what I needed from the Lord! MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU MIGHTILY & GREAT

    Mary Byrd

  2. Blessings to you, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus… Thank you for this.. I’m really struggling on most fronts.. I need a word from God.. Would you please pray for us, and ask the Father what does he want me to do? We need Many supernatural miracles from God.  We know that we don’t deserve them, but thankfully because of Jesus shed blood for our sins, we get to go before his throne of mercy and grace.. And thankfully make known out needs and desires unto him.. I cannot wait!
    Thank you ..