Do NOT mistake MY Silence for Approval!


Last year, I went home to spend some time with my family.  The windows were down in my car, the music was blasting…  life was good.  My mom was riding in the car with me and as I was driving, I noticed out of my peripherals that my mom had a strange look on her face.  I asked her why she looked like that, and she said sarcastically, “Dee… you turned the radio off.”

Let’s back track.  The song that was playing on the radio was Vashawn Mitchell’s “Turning Around for Me”, and that was my SONG!  Nevertheless, I do remember that moment because the Lord started speaking to me about my situation.  In that moment, I didn’t even realize that I had shut off the radio to “hear” the Lord.  In other words, I had to silence all of the outside noises to hear God clearly.

As a westernized nation, we love to multitask.  One of the biggest technological advances for Microsoft was the invention of “Multitasking” on a desktop screen!  We love doing multiple things at once!  We love to listen to Youtube and read the user comments.  We like to scroll through Facebook and still receive Twitter notifications.  God is not a big fan distractions.

The Lord spoke to me years ago about how “noise” in the form of music can be a distraction when he is trying to speak.  Think about it: most spiritually immature Christians will press play on the gospel radio station on Spotify before they pick up a bible.  For some reason, it seems easier to sing what someone else said that the Lord said instead of hearing God for yourself.  This can become so extreme that a Christian’s ear can only be tuned to hear the voice of someone talking about God instead of tuning their ears to hear from God directly.

God reminded me of this moment because he is calling for his people to turn the volume down on life.  The Lord wants us to lay aside the distractions and seek his face.  Worship music is a huge part of my prayer life, but it’s not as important as my conversation with God.  Too many people are limiting their worship to the lyrics of someone else’s heart song.  Too many people are suppressing their true sentiments behind a melody of a song.  Many are robbed of the opportunity of singing their own song to the Lord because they have grown accustomed to listening to someone else’s voice.  The Lord is proposing this question to the readers of this word:

Are you hiding behind the music?

The Lord does not want us to feel like we need musical assistance to enter his presence – he is omnipresent!  The songs of men (about Yahweh) are wonderful, but God is about to start speaking out of the silence.  We must position ourselves to listen.  The purpose of this prophetic word is not to compel you to stop listening to worship music.  The purpose of this word is to encourage you find a new way to hear the voice of God – through silence.

The Word of the Lord

“I AM fine tuning the ears of the prophets, apostles and intercessors.  They will need to hear my voice in this late hour.  I AM calling many of them out of their desired careers into vocational ministry.  Those that will not submit to my leadership will fall behind and their love for me will wax cold.  I AM promoting the faithful ones in the presence of doubters, for I AM God and I will do as I please.

Many minstrels have fallen into the sin of envy and they will die in that pit.  My wrath has been kindled upon those who take advantage of my house.  Where are the door keepers?  Where are my prophets who for tell of my wrath and coming judgement?  They have been silenced and pushed to the back – but no longer. 

Do not fear the rise of the false prophet.  One true prophet will put thousands of the deceivers to flight for I stand with them.  I stand with my prophets.

Do not mistake My silence for approval.  Do not mistake My love for weakness.  I AM gracious, but jealous.

Do not mourn over the material success of the evil doer, for their reward is tangible.

Turn down your plates.  Open your hearts.  Silence your mouths.  Be still and know that I AM God.”


“But the LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him,”   Habakkuk 2:20.

“Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, ‘We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it,’”   Numbers 13:30 NIV.

“It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord,”   Lamentations 3:26.

“For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him,”   Psalm 62:5.


~  Dee Evans

Dee EvansDee Evans  is the founder of Dee Evans Ministries International and Koinonia Training and Consulting.  She currently mentors ministers and leaders throughout the U.S.A., Africa, and Pakistan.  With a passion for training prophets and leaders for the 21st century church. Her ministry emphasizes the importance of worship, prayer, intercession, and deliverance. Chesapeake, VA.

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