Do Not Take God’s Prophets Lightly!


This is for some who take prophets lightly:

Remember the youth who mocked Isaiah?

Guard your mouth!

God is not a man that He can be manipulated!  He’s in charge!  Not you!

Tonight I got a prayer request from a list member for a woman who mocked me and spread lies about me!  She was relentless in this, without any provocation; bitter and prideful.

She is now in hospital requiring serious back surgery.

You’d better bow to His will, not what you want.  She mocked and arrogantly spread lies.  I haven’t seen the kind of payback God renders to those who mock Him and His prophets for a long time.

Get your heart right and repent of your anger at Him!  He’s big enough to handle it!

Cry out to Him, pray in tongues, but watch your tongue in accusing other Christians falsely.  Especially His prophetic or apostolic company.

For years, many saw Ananias & Sapphira happenings coming to the Church!  Years ago in ’89 at the Holiness Conference at the Vineyard I met a pastor from New Zealand whose intercessors prayed for the glory to come down for a year!  Well it did, and 8 people dropped dead on the spot!

You better not PRETEND to be what you are not!

Believe me, when I say I am the least of these in my Father’s house.  I don’t speak it as if I’m perfect.  I was shocked when I got the prayer request.

God tests our hearts in this as He does not delight in the derision of His enemies!


~ Priscilla

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