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  1. Amen to this powerful word. Praise Jesus for what He is doing in the nations. I would like to know more on this Principle… (A move of God must never be commandeered by leaders!”)

  2. Part 2
    I saw that there were traitors in the UK GVT
    with Intel and collaboration in setting
    things up lining their pockets with bribes. These ones had been sharing and blocking information as and when needed to assist in the plot they were working on.
    From what I saw, there is time to pray and diverert such actions and save lives and stop the chaos they had intended.
    Then the Lord said to me:
    Barry tell my people it is time to put things aside and seek my face.
    For Great Britain you are called to more
    than what you are settling for!
    It is time Great Britain to get back on your knees before Me and give me your heart.
    You have dismissed Me and My ways and you have left Great Britain in a position of great risk.
    Come unto Me, and turn your hearts towards Me, turn from your wicked and evil ways and I will meet you face to face.
    Great Britain you will come to know Me in a new way, and I will move on your behalf!
    Turn to Me and cry out to Me and I will see that no harm shall touch you.
    I will deliver you, and bring you victory over every enemy.
    Great Britain I am calling each one to examine your hearts, that I may heal you and fill you with love and courage to stand
    for what is rightous and true.
    Great Britain you have called good evil and evil good, so walk with Me now and let me renew your mind, soul and spirit unto Me, the Lord of Heaven and Earth and you will never be the same!
    Holy is the word of the Lord

  3. Barry Wunsch part 1
    I was taken in the spirit into a metro subway station in Great Britain.
    I watched as worship teams set up on platforms filled with people, as those coming and going stopped to hear what was going on, the crowds grew and grew.
    The Spirit of God was touching the hearts of the lost and they were being drawn into Him and His Kingdom.
    I heard the call go forth to the Intercessors. And soon there were teams of intercessors with boots on the ground, riding the Metro
    Praying and interceding for Great Britain.
    They were called in as defense against the enemy and to break ground for the evangelists that were being released in Great Britain.
    I watched as these Evangelists were being released on the metro, they laid hands on the sick, healed people and brought deliverance and salvation to the masses.
    I was then taken and shown a group of terrorists that were planning a strike in great Brittan, they were planning a strike
    on the Metro, and power stations through the land.
    I saw terrorists from Iran behind this strike.
    I saw their passports, but sensed that they were radicals working independently to cause turmoil.

  4. I love the planting of stakes to claim land for the Lord.  I cannot get out due to a temporary infection, so in my minds eye, with a prayer I went to the middle of my town to pound in a stake, but what I saw was a small cross that as I pounded became a huge cross, causing cracks that radiated out to the entire state.  I then blew an immaginary shofar.  It seemed like my own imagination, so I am not claiming a vision.  Still, I long for the Lord to do a great work here.

    • Amen.
      (Imagination is the part of one’s soul where images are seen. Where things are imagined by motivation of the spirit, then for a regenerated believer that is dealing with images with and of God’s Spirit. We can even actually meet with God and be met with God in our very real imaginations.)

  5. Wow Chris…I love reading about your journey in Wales and how you follow and obey God in doing His Work.
    I am preparing to go to a well in Scotland, but am awaiting my own test results with regards to a health issue.
    I don’t do Facebook or anything, but if you’re ever called again up here in Scotland, I would love to meet you and your good lady.
    Iosa Himself firmly planted my foot here before planting His own.
    These reports keep the Holy Spirit alive and give us hope when the world is losing itself to satan.

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