Do You Believe That You Are Deeply Loved?


Do You Believe That You Are Deeply Loved and Highly Favoured by God?

Today I wanted share with you what the Holy Spirit said to me that deeply touched my heart!

I heard Him say,  “Daughter, do you know that there are many in My body who believe that I have favorites?

That I only hear and answer the prayers of a select few?  Or that I only move on behalf of those that have seemingly done great things for me?

Daughter, this powerful and deceptive lie has birthed destruction in My Body.  Those who have agreed and believed with this lie now walk on a path that only leads to a life of defeat, distorted visions and ultimately death.

Daughter, there are many in My Body that do not understand or know who I AM or what I created them for.  Deep insecurity and inferiority has disqualified many from running their race.

Their faith is weak and the eyes of their hearts have been blinded by the lies of the enemy.  Many have been robbed of their true identity and Kingdom Authority, many have perished without fulfilling the great plans and purposes I had for them.

Many have settled for less than My best for their lives!

Daughter, go tell My Body that I do not have favorites!  That they did not choose Me, but that I chose and appointed them, that they may go forth to bear fruit, and fruit that would last.

Tell them that whatever they ask in My Name, I will give to them.

Daughter, tell My Body that My love for them is unconditional.  That nothing can separate them from My love and favour.

Tell them that My love for them is not because of who they are, or what they have done for me, but My love for them is because of who I AM.

I AM love.  Tell my sons and daughters that they do not have to perform, strive or work to earn My love and My favour.  Nothing that they could do would make me love them anymore, or any less.

In My love I have given them eternal life that they should never perish, but live with Me forever, for nothing, nothing, nothing could ever snatch them from the safety of My hand.”

Daughter, tell my people that I AM not impressed with positions that men hold.  I AM not partial and do not recognise external distinctions, but rather I look only at the heart.

I require a broken and a contrite spirit.  My ways are higher than the ways of man and My thoughts are far removed from the thoughts of man.

In my great wisdom and counsel I have chosen the ill equipped and unqualified, the weak and the foolish.  I have chosen those that are rejected, those that have failed, those that world has cast aside and called misfits.

Yes, these I have chosen to display my glory and wonders upon the earth.

“Daughter, I died for all.  I love all.  Redemption, Restoration and Restitution are available to all who will believe and follow me.

I choose the ordinary to do the extraordinary in My Kingdom!”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Do You Believe That You Are Deeply Loved? — 1 Comment

  1. This is a beautiful and heart felt message from, God….. Because many of times, I ffet, I wasn’t good enough or qualified to live up to the expectations of the Lord Jesus…..I have always had a special love for Him, since I was 9 years of age, I just knew, that He wouldn’t let me down, ever……When going through unwelcome, negative circumstances, peer pressure, being bullied, there is a few ways out of that, Jesus allowed me to lean and trust in Him, seeing during the 70’s we didn’t have a number or people to reach out to, when being bullied……I have always been a outcast, black sheep, never could fit in, always misunderstood, but Jesus, His love, grace and mercy bought me through….God Bless you, All!