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  1. Deborah Waldron Fry
    Do You Feel the Fire in Your Hands?

    “Your High Priest is standing in His temple. You are now My Temple, Beloved…Now I AM bringing you forth to touch many people”

    Genesis 49:10
    10 The scepter shall not depart from Judah…until Shiloh come; and unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.


    What many people do not realize is that prior to the Temples in Jerusalem, a temple stood in Shiloh, an ancient town in Samaria, for a full 369 years.

  2. Ok, so this is just awesome.  I have wanted to be a healer for a while, but I am sooo shy.  I read your post this morning and prayed… Lord, if this is for me, then help me to see the number 40 today!  May that confirm this is Your plan for me!  And, since I am a farmer, I went about my day and sadly, soon forgot about this.
    Tonight was the Tri- County Fair parade, and about halfway through, I remembered I was supposed to be watching for 40’s.  I prayed and repeated my request.  I no sooner opened my eyes when the very next vehicle in the parade went by, and I literally gasped.  It was a John Deere tractor, model 4040!!!!

    More than the space I have to share with you is how much of a confirmation.
    Yesterday after my morning time with the Lord I heard, “You are at your journeys end.”
    This is very good news!! The Desert has been hot and dry and barren and sometimes frightening and exhausting and lonely…it’s been the most Beautiful Gift I could have ever been given. Because as I look down and all the way through…I see only One SET of Footprints!! :D
    I’ve been watching a series on Discovery Plus called ‘Restored’. Yesterday as I watched the last episode (yet made), the Holy Spirit pointed out how many minutes long each one is…can you guess Deborah? Yepperz, 40 MINUTES!!!:D
    As I was leading our Monday morning prayer conference call this week, the Holy Spirit kept bringing to mind that its the 8th month, 8 is also representative of New Beginnings!!
    Never will His people be shamed again, and if saying it once through His Prophet Joel wasn’t enough, He says it again, NEVER again will My people be shamed!! And we will know beyond the shadows that He is Lord!!
    And the outpouring of His Spirit is now being released upon all people!!
    Oh He is truly truly truly THAT GOOD!!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

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