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Do You Hear the Winds of Change Blowing? — 3 Comments

  1. The other day you posted “Your Nation Will Recompense You”, and the song “Joy to the World” came to me heart, it’s in my comment. On my way to work that morning, as an Interior Painter, a bald eagle swooped down in front of and over my vehicle, beautiful and majestic, I finished a job I’d nicknamed “Goliath”, the homeowner paid me before she left for work, and then tipped me 1,200.00!! (12 is government) I had one more small closet left in this Ginormous home, I opened the doors to begin and, true story, the only item in this closet was a brand new, never been used, AMERICAN FLAG!!! (I had to take a picture:) And if that wasn’t enough, as I was putting on the very last bit of paint, (completely slaying this giant) the song “JOY TO THE WORLD” came bursting on, I had been listening all morning to the London Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Special!!
    Our God is Truly THAT GOOD!! He is Truly THAT IN CONTROL!! I mean EVERY INTRICATE DETAIL!!
    Bless your beautiful heart Deborah!!
    Walking this out with you and His amazing Children has been an incredible journey…certainly not easy, but OH HE IS SOO VERY WORTH IT!!!

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