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Donald Trump and the Elvis Impersonator Dream — 11 Comments

  1. I would like to share my vision with you. I felt the need to mention this. I want each of you to interpret this with prayer and discernment. I posted it on one of Youtube prophetic sites two months ago.  In 2020, just about one month before the American election, I got a vision from God while I was sleeping. God showed me a Chinese woman manipulating the results of the election through the computer system. It occurred near Houston or somewhere, Texas. Anyway it sounded like a big, familiar city’s name. God showed me a map of America in the air first and then zoomed in the woman’s face vividly like watching TV. She was triumphantly smiling. I felt angry. At that time, I tried to pray against it, but it was impossible.
    In April of 2019, in my vision, another Chinese woman was singing a Chinese song with some people on a fancy stage, which looked attractive. Actually, they were attracting my nieces and nephews in Korea. After a while, spirits of death started coming down from the stage, swooping over them. I prayed to stop the evil influences. Later on, I heard that my brother had got an offer about working in a branch in China from his workplace and my sister had had a plan to send my niece to study in China.
    In November 11 of 2019, in my vision I saw a huge dragon speading a big fire toward people everywhere. Even doctors and nurses in hospitals had to escape from the dragon and the fire. I also ran away from it here and there, which was so urgent and helpless. As you know, c*19 started in December of 2019 officially. I hope this kind of things will never happen again in His providence and pray even though we live in the end-time.

  2. Unfortunately Donald Trump allowed the spirit of Nebuchadneezzar to come upon him and God removed his scepter from him. He started acting like he was God. No repentance or remorse from him, But after 7 years in the field as a beast, then King Nebuchadneezzar looked up to heaven and repented and acknowledge God is God, then the Lord restored him. Currently the spirit of bewitchment in operation. Oh foolish Galatians who bewitched you from obeying the truth. I feel sorry for Donald Trump with all these so called prophets, men and women of God around him not advising him to repent …. at least the current president have demonstrated more christ like characteristics than so of us so called christians. My grandmother always said everybody confessing not possessing

    • The current President stole the election of 2020 and is one of the most corrupt we have seen. He even has Democrats arrested who speak out against him.

      • I think that everyone knows by now that the election wasn’t stolen. People just need to get out and vote for trump like in 2016… Also they need to vote for republican leadership in the senate to stop all of this wickedness that is being legislated in the Biden administration.

    • The current president in office that just so happens to be catholic, is for abortion and Homosexual marriage. I wouldn’t call that Christ like.  Donald Trump definitely has issues that needs to be addressed but he doesn’t try to make people comfortable in their sin like joe Biden.

  3. Lord Let YOUR Will BE Done & LET Your Kingdom Come- On Earth- As IT IS in HEAVEN!☝ Let us pray- ‘2nd Chronicles 7:14! – “IF my people, called by MY Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” ✝️

  4. Judge Roberts is also the Supreme Court Chief Justice. The Roberts Park is because Judge Roberts was the Key to the 2020 Election Theft. Roberts gave his full support to the Imposter winning in 2020!!!

  5. What a revelation Jo Ellen. What a warning! Pray, pray pray that people will come to the light of the truth and get the people out to vote. We must not give up now.Blessings, Sandi

  6. Donald Trump is not in the White House for a lack of votes. He won the election by a landslide and a fool was put in his place to wake the church up in America. And even now many think it will be by the arm of the flesh. Not even close. The hand of gods is about to make itself know to all. And the church in America as is will fall and be replaced by the truth. The one true God really is all powerful all knowing and never makes mistakes . I only hope even a few will hear and turn from tradition to the truth. God will have all men to be saved. Ready or not that is the truth that the church in America has not been able to swallow. Open wide people and do what you have to do to swallow the truth. All depends on it.

    • Yes, indeed.  I was watching the polls that night and SAW the landslide coming.  Woke up the next morning fully confident that the peoples’ choice was elected and had a humongous shock.  The same thing will happen again unless GOD ALMIGHTY intervenes, exposes the fraud, and allows truth to triumph.

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