Don’t Be Limited in Your Expectations!


This is what I believe the Spirit of the LORD spoke to me.

Holy Spirit says “Don’t be limited in your expectations of me child, for I AM the God who specializes in things that to you are deemed impossible.

There is nothing hard for me to do.  Child, what you’re going through is for the greater glory to be revealed, to become manifest.

Who can stand in My Presence?  Come, let us reason together.  He who has clean hands and a pure heart.

Why then did you think the fiery trials came to test you?  That you may be found one worthy to carry the weight of my Kabod, my manifested self, all my glory.

That you, may be a human tabernacle.  Your brokenness reveals YOU, all that is on the inside of YOU, and in that brokenness, the revelation declares what is not needed in you, all that must come out that I may dwell therein.

You see my child, there are things you do not understand that I long to show you even about you but you need to be purified and emptied of all carnality and see with the eyes of the Spirit.

Allow Me to do the work of perfecting that which concerns you removing and eradicating blockages in your mind that have been erected by your past, false teachings, heresies and doctrines.

Allow Me to recondition your thinking and create a clearer perception, not translucent vision.  Yes My child, allow My perfect work to be done in you.”


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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