Don’t Judge the Vessel!

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Accountability Concerning Our Actions

As a leader, my actions attitude and words are important to me.  

No matter how angry or upset I may get about a situation or with a person, I must always remember that people are watching me.  If I am to maintain respect among the people, I must be careful how I conduct myself at all times.

One word, one action, can cause me to lose friendships and fellowships with people.

We tend to forget that once a word or action is shown, that people will judge us for it, many times long after we have repented and ask for forgiveness.

One thing I have learned as I have stood in ministry, is accountability concerning my actions.  We often attempt to justify something we have said and done, because of an injustice that was directed toward us.

God judges us on our reaction to the mistreatment we may get from another person.  He looks at our attitude in how we handled a situation when we have been hurt by another.

My leader taught us to think before we speak; think before we act.

Many times people don’t understand my reactions to certain situations, where I may have been talked about or attacked, because I don’t fly off the handle or try to justify myself.

I truly do look at all situations as a learning experience, or God either showing me the heart of the person, or purging and pruning me from something that lies within me.  Often we react to something we heard, without getting a true understanding of what truly took place.

I have found that people who will tell you somebody talked about you to them, were also a participate in the conversation.  I always say this, if somebody feels that comfortable to go to you to gossip and tear me down to you, then either they know you are a known mess maker, or they have talked with you before.

Nobody just randomly comes to you and attacks another person unless they feel comfortable with you in doing it.

My motto, that I have learned from experience, is let’s get the person that you said talked about me together, and come to a sensible and righteous remedy as to why they have an ought against me.

Many times, people, if they are lying, or have something to hide, will try to stop the meeting with the famous, “I don’t want to start discord,” or they are just going to say they didn’t say anything, lying, especially when they are confronted.

Wisdom is necessary, especially when somebody comes to you with information concerning somebody coming to them, talking about you.  Again I ask, why would they be comfortable coming to you discussing me, if you have not discuss me before?

Often we find ourselves in messy situations because we don’t stop the conversation before it gets started.  And by the way, listening is just as bad as participating in the conversation, because you sat there and allowed them to dump all that garbage in your ear!

People, no matter what you hear somebody said about you, it should never cause you to react in a way that brings question about your character or integrity.

Remember bad actions and attitudes are remembered long after you repent and say you’re sorry.


Listen, if you are in leadership and are governing other people, if your leader covering mentor has to hold your hand, call you every day to make sure you are acting right, has to tell you everything you need to be doing, then you not called to lead, but to follow.

Leaders should not have to babysit those who operate in offices of maturity.

As a leader covering mentor, we are there to support you, give counseling, to answer questions when you get stuck, to help when there is a problem in the church or ministry that requires strategy to help solved.

We are not there to take over, but help build the vision God has given you.

We are there for accountability and to help in whatever capacity we are able to.

I love the maturity of those whom I am in covenant with.  It makes me feel real good to see them capable of doing what they are called to do, operating in wisdom and integrity.

Are there some who need more teaching and training”  Yes, there are and I do admonish them to wait until they are able to function in the maturity of ministry, before they try to govern somebody else.

We know God calls us and get this: who He qualifies, is made possible because He has leaders with experience wisdom and knowledge in ministry, to help enhance teach and train those whom He has called and chosen.

Many times the relationship between the leaders and those they lead, can be one sided, with the ones being led, wanting the leader to be at their beck and call and to pour into them constantly.

Sometimes this can become too draining to a leader when one has those who are constantly pulling, because it consumes their ability to have time to pour into others, and to distribute their time among those they are leading.

A leader has to have the flexibility to be able to spend some physical time with those they are in covenant with.  As I was being groomed for ministry, I would get excited to just be able to sit among my leader as he poured out wisdom to me with many times just simple talks.

I loved sitting at his feet when he came out of prayer or fasting gleaming and collecting the golden nuggets of wisdom that are necessary for ministry.

Listen, if you can take the opportunity to sit with your leader and learn please do.  I pursued all the wisdom and knowledge I could from the leaders that influence my life.  It’s because of the willingness to sit and learn that I’m able to operate in the dimension of excellence integrity and character that I now walked and live in.

Don’t Judge the Vessel!

Contrary to the popular opinion of those in leadership who want to be important, God can and will use somebody who is not walking in the same title as you, to give you a Word.

Yes, they can come and preach at your Apostolic/ Prophetic conference with a revelatory Word when they are being sent by God.  Yes, they can come and prophesy to you even though they just started walking in the calling when they are sent by God.

Sorry leaders, but somebody in your congregation can come and deliver a Word of warning, correction or even rebuke to you, when they are sent by God.

No they don’t have to be affirmed by your apostolic team, ordained by your organization, or licensed by your church to hear from The LORD.  If they have a relationship with God, have been fasting and praying and seeking The LORD, and obedient, then they are a vessel who can be used by God to do His will.

As a leader, if I feel that I am too spiritually high to hear from anybody but another leader whom I feel walks in the same calling, then I’m going to miss out on some great opportunities to hear from The LORD concerning instructions directions warnings.

I have learned to hear the voice of The LORD through a person and not look at the person personally.  This has given me the opportunity to learn just how diverse the operations of gifts operate are and to learn how to hear, see and receive, in the Spirit.

Because I’m mature in The LORD, I’m able to discern when it’s God speaking through a vessel or somebody is over zealous and trying to impress or bring credibility to themselves.  Some leaders are operating in a spirit of pride that keeps them from receiving from anybody but those they respect or consider respectable.

If we can only hear or receive from our picks and choices, then we will miss things that are critical to our destiny and purpose.

Just think about all the times God sent somebody to you and you rejected them before they could even tell you what thus saith The LORD, because of their lack of paper credentials or fancy title.

Many have missed being blessed because they rejected the vessel God sent to them.  You see, God is not looking at titles or religious status.  He only sees a vessel that He knows He can use, because they are humble and obedient and pure in their heart.

People don’t allow religious minded, prideful persons tell you that God will only allowed people with high titles and names to speak a word in your life.  God will use whomever He wants, to bring forth a word to you.

Listen through the Spirit and don’t miss God because of your flesh.  The LORD is waiting to speak to you and may have already sent the voice to speak to you perhaps the reason you miss your shift is because you didn’t hear Him through the vessel He sent!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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