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Don’t open your House to the enemy! — 3 Comments

  1. This is so true. My wife and church members need to hear this.
    Thanks and remain blessed.
    PK and CGMI solution arena San Antonio Texas

  2. Dear Geraldine Just a short note to say that your word is right on target for myself this morning.  I have my home for sale and planning to downsize and in the process I am selling the furniture that I don’t want yesterday evening a woman came by to look at something and after she left I felt something wrong like I felt violated and I prayed and asked the Lord for discernment.  It felt like an insincere intrusion my fault was sharing things I had no business telling her.  Thank you for the confirmation as to what I need help with from the Lord to keep my business to myself a wolf in sheep’s clothing thank you Sue

  3. Thank you Apostle for these inspiring words. I receive these words with my open heart in Jesus name. Well done!

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