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Don`t Stop; Keep Going! — 2 Comments

  1. the niv is not the authorised bible its a fraud its was rewritten by homosexuals who are under the critter named rupert the red murdoch who owns the fox network
    who has copy right on that toilet paper there are only two authorized bibles as i remember it
    for he said not to alter any jot or tittle of the bible you do you are damned for all time for rewritting it with manmon logic of do thy will can and will gain you a one way trip to hell for all time not my words but the creator he defined it and so shall it be on your head

  2. need prayer against serpents/jezibel spirits in high places in lovington nm a magestrate and other positions are occupied by the agenda 21 aka international maintenance code and the iclei organizations owned by the UN AND THE VATICAN IS BEHIND THIS GARBAGE ITS ALL ABOUT CONTROL AND THE NEW WORLD DISORDER OR IS DIS ODOR IT stinks to high heaven and he has been ticked off about them right now if we dont get of these vermin in america we will be enslaved permanently even they have enslaved us under the nefarious 14th amendment that the first dictator put on us in 1861 yes the abe lincoln the war of northern aggression it was against us all states rights and who and what put this in is a jesuit priest by the name james g blaine
    what you didnt know they do things in the dark just like when guy fawkes who was a jesuit priest and was busted by kings james men for it for if king james did not publish the first english bible that would be given to all and this is my ancestors help in helping financing their cousins bible the people we know as jennings
    then the catholic church sent their jesuit priests to defame the king james steward saying he was a sodomite this has been verified that a book was found in the library somewhere in london england how to defame a king thus they did even king james loved his women and his country of scotland very much and he despised the devil laden catholic church thus we have the problems in washington dc and look up the history on that one it was burned down by the catholic british and then rebuilt by the jesuits thus history is being rewritten by infidels in our country

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