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Draw a Line in the Sand — 13 Comments

  1. Sandi HAD A DREAM LAST November 25; about the line in the SAND. NO TRESPASSING,

  2. There is an old movie every which way but loose in this movie there is a motorcycle gang that calls themselves the black widows, this gang goes about messing with people’s lives and we watch the comedy that ensues, People, say it is bleak dark times emphasizing the power of the enemy yet from God s view this clown show is the same as the movie, people lying dressing and acting like they are so big and powerful. My book says that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God we see a demonstration of this with Belshazzar with the writing on the wall where his knees knocked together, this is a good prayer to pray view your enemies from God s view. I believe the rock is in flight which we know is God when it strikes the giants we will know because of the darkness, these self-elected governments, the Who, the UN, socialism, communism, Babylonian debt system, Luciferian secret societies … including the tares in the wheat field will all fall down and the deluge of the ERA OF GODS GOODNESS will begin punctuated by the UNITY OF THE SPIRIT, no more preaching a gospel like you left the tower of Babel speaking your own language no more division, this is a time of great change.
    God the Lord of the harvest is looking for laborers ones that will be His transportation His Hands His mouth think about all the new memories you will have when God causes your path to cross another’s path who you get to introduce our Father to through the testimony of Jesus, this is what Christianity is about a new creature built from the truths in the word of God the incorruptible seed of God made like the Son of God doing the works of the Son of God seeking first the Kingdom of God that would mean God s business going about doing good because God is with us, pray for your accelerated growth pray to prophesy in your language over yourself so you hear the words form you own lips, pray the Lord of the Harvest to cause intersecting paths with others so you can watch our Father work

  3. I was just praying over this this morning.  Alarmed that many might be falling into the deception of using Christianity as a means of extremism.  God calls us to put on the armor of righteousness.
    We should continually be being transformed into the image of Christ every day. Pursue righteousness. Walk in and wear the righteousness of Christ, but it is also our responsibility to grow in grace and to become holy by daily sacrificing our will for the will of the Father.  If we are to be like Christ then we obviously are not to be vengeful, hateful, or better than.  Being in Christ is loving God & our neighbors, forgiving others, and seeking to live in truth.  Stand in the light and shine bright so as to bring others to the light of Christ.  So yes draw the line and the battle is over. 

    Thank you!

    • Amanda, I am very grateful for your encouraging input. Hallelujah! We are the Light in the darkness. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

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