Dream and Word for Scotland

Priscilla Van Sutphin – First published on Facebook on February 15, 2013.


Yesterday while resting in early afternoon, fell asleep and woke up with a dream.  I was dreaming of healing this man, through prophetic song, who turned out to be Scottish.  I had been singing over him verses of the song that in the dream I could hear and remember the tune and everything, but afterwards could not replicate. I didn’t write it down right away.  But I remember the words were very soft and tender, a love song from the Lord to him.

Then I shared the dream with Bev Juelsgaard Fischer today as I felt it represented intercession, and she got the below word.

“I get the impression that the same person in your dream who represented Scotland is real, and has prayed long and hard for this to come to pass and that they are very humble and love the Lord greatly.  There are many generations there who have warred and sought the Lord for this to come to pass.  Love, Bev.”

The Scottish part is important, I believe for the nation of Scotland, that you were singing a healing and love song from the Lord over that nation:


“For the Lord says, it is time that the nation of Scotland be healed of the wounds from the past.  The scars are removed, as My tears have been poured out over the land from its length to its breadth.  For its people have been through much, and it is time for them to rise up and come forth into My Glory, that I am bringing to the land and its people.  I have heard your cries in the night, and have seen the blood of generations spilled in warfare, as you fought for your very lives.

Know that as you rise up in My power, might, and authority, as you stand for Me, that I will bless you, and rise up in you as never before.  The nation of Scotland will rise up in the freedom of God Almighty.  For battles have been won on My behalf in the past, but I, the Lord am about to come on this land and this people as never before.  For you will call Me your Redeemer and Savior, and you will worship Me, as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and I will bless you and cause you to be fruitful, and I will fortify your boundaries, and I will bring healing to the land and its people, for you have asked Me to rule you.  You have declared that I am, Lord of All of Scotland.


of Upstream Ministries,
California on 2013-2-15




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