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Dream of Eagles…. Divine Spiritual Connections! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for saying it all through this message. Am glad to know that am passing through some how similar season. The Lord has also led me to above websites for my mentorship. Thank you Jesus!

  2. I’M READING your prophecy!  God lead me right too it and it’s exactly what I needed to read!  He’s given something of an assignment to several people I know lately and called us “eagles” but we have been waiting on others.  We couldn’t take a step yet because we are waiting.  This is confirmation!  We are waiting rightly!  Thank you!

    It’s also a confirmation that God has indeed been using prophecy online to speak…I’ve been going through archives of old prophecies asking Him which date to go to…I’m the only one I know who hears from Him that way!  (So I questioned it.) You’ve confirmed that too!  Someone else who does it!  Thank you!

  3. Amen and your words & teaching as well Ms Coleman …. I look and glean & feel led by your word and the words of many you thanked – god bless you all

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