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Dream of Kim Clement and Robin Bullock — The Mountain of The LORD — 9 Comments

  1. Wow!God just told me that robin was taking Kim’s place!I had not seen Robin much.God just told me I am to use my drums in warfare/pray in the spirit at home and prophesy.Then I googled to see if there was a connection between Kim and Robin, and God confirmed with your dream! God is so good!

  2. Thank you sister Jo Ellen. In our Sovereign King Jesus, peace be to His body — and utter health to yours, so be it. God’s people, heed God’s prophetic words; be instructed and be obedient!

  3. Thank you Jo Ellen for your post today.  I pray you are overcoming whatever caused you to be hospitalized.
    We serve such an awesome God who is faithful to keep us informed.
    We pray for those of you who hear from Him and for all of His prophets.

  4. Greetings Rev. Stevens:

    As I just read your post- it reminded me of a dream I had about 7 years ago (3 revivalists who are in glory now).  What I gleaned from your post is how ‘inter-connected’ we really are- with the saints (those in glory- and those here now). After all – we are “one body” – all part of our one Lord Jesus Christ. How glorious eternity will be – when these and all His ‘mysteries’ of His love and Kingdom will be revealed. Blessings to you- Elizabeth

    Funny how ‘Iron sharpens iron’- Mysteries. (Name of my post).

  5. I stand in agreement with this word!  It’s right on and is in line with all the Lord has been showing me as well!  In these amazing days, I believe many unexpected people will rise to oppose the purposes of the Lord, therefore being exposed and suffering some unfortunate consequences in their lives!  Robin is definitely a very powerful prophet and the Lord will cover him (as with Kat and others).  I will be standing in agreement with God’s purposes for all the true prophets!  And praying also for a high level of discernment.
    Thank you for releasing this word!  Lord bless you!

  6. Greetings Miss Jo Ellen:

    An interesting thing just happened while reading your post above (Re: Kim, Robin…finishing an assignment). The Lord used your post to give me ‘revelation’ on a dream I had a about 7 years back. It involved 3 women, past revivalists/healing ministers, who are now in glory. It was a detailed dream and I knew it had significance. Your post just now uncapped sonething for me. ‘Iron sharpens Iron’. Thank you for your obedience. I will now post my dream of 7 years ago. Shalom – Elizabeth C.

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