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Dream of President Trump in The Rose Garden (Updated) — 17 Comments

  1. What an awesome prophecy!  Wow! I am so blessed to see these and your telling us of the entrance of Trump into our lives again, is a truly answer to prayer.  Your faithfulness is inspiring.  I would truly like to be in that position of dreaming and seeing Jesus give us the true telling of time.  We do see in a glass darkly.  Blessings to you Veronika!

  2. Praise God! HE is changing the Hearts of Men from Hearts of Stones to Hearts of Flesh! HE knows the End from the Beginning!☝

  3. Yesterday afternoon for no reason I started singing I beg your pardon, I stopped and thought why am I singing this song and now I know thank you. The Lord has a very good sense of humor God bless

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