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  1. Good morning Patricia, Great overview. Yes, praying with you and for you! Standing firm!! Love you my sweet friend, Sandi

    • Sandi. I just saw your post now. I love that heading of Ottawa.  I cannot take credit for it. When I saw I I was so pleased.  I so appreciate your praying for us. Thank you , HKP.  Love you too!  Patricia

    • Greetings

      That is awesome. Yes, we need Saskatchewan praying. We are able to thwart the plans of the enemy together.

      Blessings, Patricia

    • Wonderful Joyce. We really do need your prayers for a Divine turnaround. A lot of repentance needs to happen in the hearts of Canadians for the sins that have so easily beset us over the years. Love you dear Joyce.  ❤️

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