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  1. i am being so blessed by all of you, women, tonight.

    It’s as though the Spirit of the Lord took me here to encourage my heart and to have me looking at life in a lighter way. I tend to be too critical of myself.

    Just the other night, while sharing a message with a Godly woman of God whom I don’t know very well and I hadn’t heard from her in 2 years, I had a visitor. Jesus came in and I never turned around to see Him nor did I stop messaging. I was sharing what was taking place. Jesus Christ touched my hair, cupped my head in His hands, He rubbed my forehead and touched my right pointer finger. He kissed me. I told this woman friend of mine that she was meant to be there for the Lord to come into my place like that. I’d never felt the Presence of the Lord in such a deep way and could smell His fragrance which to me was as roses in a light way.

    I was so enamored and grateful to Him. I was sure that He had healed me and that I would no longer need to take my medication. I guess that’s why I’ve been down. I ended up taking my pills a few days later as I was hardly getting any sleep.

    I apologize to have cut in on your post like that. I truly love what you shared I just had to get this off my chest and now ask Jesus’ forgiveness for putting myself down like that rather than focusing on His goodness! What a night this has turned into! Jesus is full of surprises! Thanks for blessing us, Deborah.

  2. This is so beautiful.
    He’s just so Gracious and Kind.
    It’s so good to just simply remember that these present sufferings are but for a moment.
    I’m home today, I’m a painter and the job I started today is in the unit right next door.
    This means that today I’m blessed to live under the cruel persecution of the witchcraft and torment which has infected and infested my neighbors. It’s attacking my physical body, and I sleep very little. But the hardest part is most definitely the mind manipulation.
    This truly is for me however, a very beautiful blessing.
    Because the God I serve, who loves me so so much, is truly working it together for good. (ALL things means All things.)
    I’m going up higher today, so I can see the “Happily Ever After” side to this very beautiful Love Story.
    Everything is going to be okay. :)
    God bless you beautiful lady, I’m extremely blessed by you!! Thank you!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness ! Please forgive me using that phrase…. I just MUST confirm your visitation and vision of the white feathers ! Since a week or two I find them on almost every way, these pure white little feathers, and so yesterday, in a place where I was so surprised to see it again and I knew, this must have been sent from an angel or blown directly there by GOD’s breath. We know by the Holy Scriptures who inhabits the winds…HE MAKES THE WINDS H-I-S MESSENGERS Psalm 104.4 and Hebrews 1:7 HE MAKES HIS ANGELS WINDS. Wonderful gifts they bring ! Manna, feathers, even a drop of water on a tree branch shines like a diamond when GOD wants to show this shining diamond exactly in that second you walk there.

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