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Enlarge Your Tent & Extend Your Dwelling — 2 Comments

  1. what a wonderful word. I always wondered what He meant by “more are the children of the desolate than the children of the bond woman.  Oh, and that prayer of Jabez! I’m about to read that whole chapter or maybe book of Chronicles.  Praise the Lord,

  2. Good Beautiful Day Elaine :)
    I’m so grateful for this Word.
    The Lord took me through some very dark shadows these past years.
    About 6 years back He spoke to me one morning, after enduring yet another very dark night, to “Stretch my tent curtains wide.”
    I’m an Interior Painter. About 20 years ago He spoke to me, through a very wise woman, that I’d be ministering to youth girls, today I’ll be training in my first employee, a young girl named Grace…isn’t He just so Good?
    God Bless you Elaine, and thank God for you :)

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