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  1. Gods mercy shall outweigh judgment for those He chooses in this hour. I too have seen many going home soon because God will take them while there is still time and they still belong to Him. God will also bring home those counted worthy to escape by His rapture harpazo when the Father is ready. We are in an interesting season. Gods Will shall be done. Nothing will hinder Gods plans. He is soooooo big the train of His robe fills His temple. Who is like God?! He alone is worthy of all glory honor and praise! He alone is exalted above all. He alone is good. God is magnanimous. He is sovereign over all. The ALPHA AND OMEGA. It IS ALL A FINISHED WORK OF THE CROSS! Jesus who came to earth as a man in the flesh had already won the victory for every battle. The battle does not belong to us but the Lord. We need only BE STILL. He will triumph from His seated position and the blood on the mercy seat has not and will not loose its power. The angels are excited. Jesus is ready. Are YOU?? are you keeping your garment without spot wrinkle or blemish??? God is working in you the desire to obey Him and POWER to do what pleases Him! To HIM ALONE be the glory! In Jesus’s Name. This word is sealed by the blood of Jesus and who ever needs to see it, shall.

    • I say Amen to your discerned word of the Holy spirit. May God visit & use you mightily as one of HIS Vessels in this end time Autumn. Thanks

    Take it or leave it. ♥♥♥HE NEVER MOKE ANYONE♥♥♥
    The rest it’s in and your hands self affairs..! SELAH from Heaven’s. crystal clear with ♥♥♥HIS TRANSPARENCY♥♥♥ AMÉN..!


    2 TI 1

    PHP 4

    EPH 5

    2 CO 5

    JN 14 – 15

    LK 6

    JN 13

    ZEP 3

    AMÉN..! then not cry or be sorry, because are or were self own ways..!

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