Establishing Kingdom Leadership

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Dealing with Rejection and Humiliation

Until you learn to deal with rejection & humiliation you can never walk in the anointing of true ministry.

When God wants to used a person one of the first lesson they will learn is humility.  Being stripped of vanity, pride, self exaltation, and self importance, is mandatory in order to be effective for the work of God.

Your character must be groomed and shaped in the image of Christ so that when God sends a message through you there will not be room for any self serving motives.  The Lord allows us to be rejected, so that we can learn how to be humble and obedient.  God’s intimate goal is to strip our lives of every area that holds pride.

Through this stripping we will experience those times of humiliation those times when He allows us to see that our total dependency has to be on Him.  True ministry is a walk of faith and trust in God.  You must believe the truth of who He is in order to be able to stand when the storms trials opposition and persecution comes in your life.

Many have gotten discouraged because the reality of life causes them to be shaken in their faith.  We must stand strong and realized that we must go forth in the things of God even if we go alone.  God doesn’t want us to depend on people but to depend on Him.

One thing I have learned in ministry is people will celebrate you as long as you are available to them but the minute you are not they will reject you don’t be moved by the rejection.  Emotional blackmail in ministry is something you will encounter at important times of elevation and transition.

This is when people will try to manipulation you through your emotional attachment to them because of you going into a higher dimension spiritually.  They want you to stay in their familiar place of comfort with them.  Know when God is bringing you higher and shake yourself loosed.

Sometimes when you are going forth or God is calling you to do something that is beyond the understanding of others and they become upset or offended you have to say like Jesus did when they opposed His destiny, Get thee behind me satan.  Change from the familiar causes people around you to become uncomfortable and they reject you don’t be alarmed.

Elevation brings rejection, because you are no longer the person you use to be and you are no longer spiritually in the place they are accustomed to.  Keep your focus and keep moving God allowed the rejection so that you won’t go back to a familiar place!


Kingdom minded people are not offended or provoked to anger or disappointed about others in the work of the Kingdom.

They know that Kingdom builders are busy seeking God for directions and answers so that they can better help to serve and lead God’s people.  Those persons who don’t have a Kingdom mind have no concept as to the time and labor that goes into preparation for ministry; how much effort is given to activate and work a vision or how much time is involved in praying ministering and counseling God’s people.

I myself in ministry, have experienced leaders, members of the congregation, those I mentored, family and friends, not understanding that my availability sometimes is limited because I’m on an assignment, in a time of isolation, in prayer and fasting or perhaps dealing with a person who has an important or immediate need.

Often times they become disturbed because I don’t answer their call right away or every time they call.  Many times they expect me to jump or answer their text or calls several times throughout the day not realizing that my life belongs to The Lord and that I am obeying Him.

The fact remains that intercessors prayer warriors and watchmen are on duty 24 hours everyday.  Even if I am relaxing or out with family and friends my spirit remains in tune to the Spirit of God because my call in the Kingdom demands that I stay spiritually alert.

Kingdom minded people often lose friends or is shun by family or even those in ministry or the church because of their level of commitment dedication and consecration.  They become upset and accuse them of being either insensitive or thinking they are better than others because they can’t always socialized or visit with them.

They don’t realize that they can’t go out and eat everyday or go shopping at the mall every weekend or just hang out with them everyday.  There are some people that will never get a clarity about who you are and what you are called to do.  They will continue to talk about your mandate mission and purpose as if it’s a curse to your life because they have no clue concerning you.  Don’t worry about it just keep it moving and continue to work for The Lord.

And yes Kingdom minded people do relax they do have times of leisure and they do have times of fun but they don’t do it everyday because if they did they would not get done what they have been called to do!!

Establishing Kingdom Leadership

DON’T NOBODY MOVE WONT NOBODY GET HURT: As a seasoned vessel that has not just arrived on the scene, I am well aware as well as truly understand that each person walks in their own dimension of anointing and that the people learn on different levels.

As a leader my job is to develop those under my tutelage in the correct ways of Kingdom character discipline integrity and ways of Christ.  Following the ways of Jesus, His rebuke was done in love but with authority and without compromise of the word.

What I’m tired of hearing, are so called leaders challenging those who are serious about their duties concerning developing disciples and putting them down because they are no nonsense, and a person of a Kingdom order, or that they are hard or unfeeling and without gentleness.

We as leaders, will never develop true disciples or other leaders, if we keep backing down from teaching the correct way of Kingdom leadership, because someone says we are too strict in our discipline or correction.  To undo years of flesh having control of a vessel, takes a strict but loving curriculum of teaching and training.

When you go into the military, they are not concern about your feelings.  They are concern with teaching you order, discipline, correct procedure, and methods of warfare, so that you can defeat your enemies.  They take you through a very strict and strenuous amount of activities and training pushing you to see in yourself what they know you can be.

There were times when Jesus rebuked those in the Kingdom with a not so gentle demeanor and used illustrations and parables that seem insulting, so that the impact and seriousness of what He was saying would get in their spirit and change their mindset.

There were even times it seem He was frustrated with them because He spoke things that He felt they should had known and He brought correction concerning them being ignorant about something that He lived before them.  When people can understand that it’s love for them and concern for their soul that causes a leader to many times seem hard on them because they don’t want them walking in error then they can accept the challenges from leadership that wants to see more out of them.

If other leaders would stay out of other leaders fold trying to discredit and steal sheep we will see less casualties of war and more soldiers being trained and taught correctly in the Body of Christ!  My word to them is stay out of others field if you don’t know what kind of soil their ground possess!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. Wow! This is awesome. Thank you my dearest Barbara for strenghtning us. O glory to Jesus! I am so grateful to receive this powerful words. I wll not grow weary! I will focus and I will not allow distractions in my life. God is no respecter of person! There is power in the name of Jesus. I thank God for your life everyday and for being a true servant of God. The glory of Jesus is shining in your life. I believe you are inspiring a lot of individuals who are hungry and thirsty for the word of God! I love you! God bless you.