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Even the Stones Shall Cry Out — if We Stop Doing So! — 4 Comments

  1. Praise God! God bless you, Minister Bennett! I wanted to mention briefly, a passages of scripture the Lord has drawn me to by the Holy Spirit, regarding the praises of his people. 2 Chronicles 20:13-24, highlights the faith of a nation, trusting in God, in faith, where Jehoshaphat called Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, proclaiming a fast, then the Spirit of the Lord God came upon Jahaziel, instructing all of Judah, the inhabitants of Jerusalem and Jehoshaphat, what the Lord wanted them to do, to win the battle, which was simply getting into a position, believing that the battle wasn’t theirs, but the Lord’s and that God would fight for them.

    Judah and Jerusalem, were instructed to sing and give praises unto the Lord, almost instantaneously, God was setting up their victory, as they praised the Lord.God bless you, Brother Bennett!♥️

  2. Praise God! Amen! This is true and I’m in full agreement. I’ve decided some months ago, to give the Lord God, the due praise and worship, in which He is worthy of, in all of his Divine Glory! Not to give the Lord Jesus or our heavenly Father God, their due praise, can be a form of pride, concerned of how we look in front of others, how will they perceive me, it used to be me, until I began to fall in love with Jesus Christ, all over again, thankful for His divine grace, brand new mercies, His divine protection of His Blood, encamping His guardian, warring and mighty angels around me, day and night, He is due the praises.

    Thank you and God bless your heart of obedience, Brother/Minister Bennett! In heaven, I believe that what we are doing and participating in on earth, with increase in heaven, with divine times of praise and worship, amongst other heavenly activities, it should be a personal delight to lift up our hands and voices in praise before God. In the Word of God, praises are due and as examples of the Holy Bible, we see the Prophets, Apostles, Disciples, Evangelists, Priests, all who were apart of the Church of Jesus Christ, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, rendered praises, engaged in worship before the Lord. King David, Prophet Daniel, Prophet Ezekiel, Prophet Jeremiah, because they loved the Lord, not forced, but delightfully showed intimate praise from within the heart. Love you brother and God bless you!♥️

  3. What a fabulous remark !!!  I grew up in “non denominational” churches and I thank God there was less “religiosity” than most churches but my heart began to soar with love for our Lord when I truly began to worship with my arms and voice lifted to Him in praise!  Please keep up your much needed comments and thank you!

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