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Expectation and Reality! — 4 Comments

  1. Good afternoon, my sister Joyce. I love that you come along side of me and affirm the MESSAGE. It is so amazing that HE is taking our mess and turning it into a MESSAGE of Hope and Newness in such an hour of worldly despair. Love you much my friend. Keep on keeping on. May your Christmas be filled with JOY unspeakable as we rejoice in our Savior and King. Sandi

  2. Thank you Sandi for this awesome words from our Lord Jesus.  It is amazing this morning I woke up with these words in my mouth: The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church of our Lord Jesus Christ!!! to Him be the Glory!!! I received all of these words as they are health to our being.  Blessings and have a blessed Christmas celebrating the only God Jesus Christ our King!!!

    • Amen MF. So glad this resonated with you and confirmed the truth He shared with you as well. May your celebration of Jesus’ birth be extra special this year as it truly seems His presence is permeating our world in a very special way this Christmas. Sandi Holman

  3. A Powerful word Sandi. Thank you! Loved: “Understand this — one thing that you must write on your heart before moving forward,” says The LORD, “your yesterdays are the sum of many experiences and trials that have set you up to step into your new assignment — to “Be The Message!“
    Such a transition for sure! We surely must let go of all the old to embrace the new and “be the message.” I love you my sister & friend. ❤️

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