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  1. Hi Sherry, I just read your msg, I believe what your saying is so true. I’ve been used as a part of the game for…probably longer than I even know. At first as I awakened to this reality the shock brought much shame and sadness. And I still battle the urge to fight emotionally to this cruel persecution and wicked witchcraft game. But I’m in Awe at the Power of the Love of the Father for these Satan has used to work through. They themselves are victims without realizing it and are in desperate need of the Savior.
    I think this is one of the biggest reasons for Vision (Eternal Victory Vision) in this incredibly dark hour, and why so many are perishing. They are oblivious as to why these strange occurrences continue happening in theirlives.
    But there’s money to be made. For a small price the soul is purchased as the victim receives their monetary reward for the cruel intentions their willing to perform. But all will eventually come to the reality that…hell is real!!
    I pray for them daily.

  2. This truly is the word of The Lord. It’s a confirmation along the lines of what he gave me.. How Great Is Our Father. keep moving in the spirit and keep writing with the pen of a ready writer my sister in Christ.. your brother Triumph

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