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  1. Soo Good, thank you Priscilla!!
    I dreamt about this tsunami wave. I could see it coming toward me from a podium I was praying upon. Seated before me were people watching me, but this made it impossible for them to see what was coming at them from behind. There was a man next to me praying as well, when he suddenly and very quickly turned and ran to the brick wall behind him to brace himself, so I did the same…and then it hit!! When I turned back around there was devastation everywhere, it was so so bad. But the Lord Jesus was standing in front of me saying, “Keep your eyes on me, look at me, look at me…” Then I awoke.
    I was given a choice, as we all are. But the Grace of God opened my ears to physically hear in the spirit the devil telling the Father, “SHE NEEDS TO CHOOSE!!”
    This happened for a couple months before I finally screamed “I CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST!!”
    The Lord, at that moment, delivered me from drugs, alcohol, profanity, etc., and into the ashes I went. That was 2015. It’s been eight years now of walking through the Shadow Valley…no fun :(.
    This Word you’ve shared is imperative!! No one likes to hear it but it’s literally true!!
    I broke out in sores, I cut off my hair, I threw the wardrobe and makeup in the trash, I humbled myself and fasted and prayed, and THEN I read it in Isaiah….WOW!!
    God bless beautiful lady!! :)

  2. 是的,这爱不是用来玩耍或玩弄的。

    [ HKP : Translate Google : “Yes, this love is not meant to be played or played with. I am here waiting for the work of the Lord! I set my heart and mind on the kingdom of God.” ]

  3. I had a vision of a Whole white pill with a slash in the center for cutting it in half. I asked the father what it meant and he said to me that the church is his prescription for this lost and dying world. He said that the whole pill has great strength, but the pill when it is divided, loses its strength. He said when the church is divided it loses its power. He said the pill was white because that represented holiness and purity. He’sHe said to me if we are abiding in him no evil will flow to us. He showed me that there is another vine that we can abide in and that is the vine of the world which is found in revelation. That vine is heading for distraction!

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