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  1. Praise the Lord! God bless you, Minister Reinke! I sincerely pray that all is well with you. Yes, God is clarifying when he is speaking to me and when it is self or the flesh rising up.
    I believe that we all need that time to lay or kneel before the Lord, one on One, crying out to the Lord, emptying ourselves of everything that is not of him, but of the devil.

    Many of times the enemy will try to use other distractions, which may not seem like a distraction at that current time, but some of his devices will tear a true believer down over time. This post is truth and fact, I have to quiet myself and listen closely, carefully to the beautiful sound/voice of the Lord, especially in these end times, we definitely need spiritual discernment through the Holy Ghost.I can truly say that I thank the Lord for using you in the way that he does.

    Thank you, for sharing this timely Word of God within a timely fashion. I will go before the Lord, in his holy presence, laying everything down at his feet and altar of Jesus Christ. God bless you, praying that you have a wonderful, blessed and amazing evening!️

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