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  1. Elaine, I read above where you gave the comment, “Every one of us is able to recall a time when we experienced a life transforming encounter with Jesus.”

    Unfortunately for many people who love the Lord, this is not true.  I am sure you are doing your very best to follow Jesus as His prophetess, and share about Him and just much He means to you.  He surely is a wonderful Savior to all who come to Him with their hearts, but you really should not be saying this about “every one of us.”  I know you want the best for everybody, but the truth is not all people have the same experience as you may have.

    For example, Elaine, a person might have come to Jesus at such an early age that they cannot remember what it was like.  Or, someone may have had such a long and drawn out struggle coming to Jesus that there is no one encounter they use as a reference point.  And, there is always the problem of misinformation in our choices which comes from false teachers who say the wrong things about The Bible.
    Also, some people just get all emotionally worked up, using their feelings instead of their understanding, causing shallowness and failure from having rocky or shallow soil in their heart. 

    Please try to remember Jesus loves and accepts all kinds of people, and not those just like you.  Okay?  Bless you, Matt.

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